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How to get a 10 Euro discount on trains in Italy in 5 minutes

Trains are the fastest and most convenient way to travel for the most part of mainland Italy and even without discounts you will surely use them on your trip. But if you can easily and instantly save 10 Euros on tickets, then why not take advantage of this. This article will show you how to do it in 5 minutes.

The relevance of the article was checked on June 3, 2019.

To get a discount, you need just register on the popular European "ticket" service Omio (formerly GoEuro) by a special invitation link from one of the existing participants.

An important point is that with self-registration (without an invitation link) new bonus users don't get. Therefore, this is the case when link is important.

As soon as you go through a simple registration, the bonus will be credited automatically and you can apply it instantly. To check if you have received your 10 Euros, after registration go to the "Referral Bonus" section, where the accrued bonus will be displayed.

If you have such a line as in the picture below, then everything is in order - you can immediately proceed to the reservation and it’s nice to save money.

There are only 2 limitations:

  • To take advantage of the discount, the final cost of tickets should be more than 40 Euro. Therefore, if your ticket costs less, then take it back and forth at once. And even if you don’t get 40 Euro this way, then buy immediately for your companions - everyone will benefit from this.
  • Tickets must be purchased on the site Omio. If the system transfers you to one of the partner sites, then you will not be able to apply the discount. But this more often applies to flights, train tickets are usually sold on Omio itself.

Here is what the bonus application looks like when buying tickets on the Rome-Florence route. To apply the discount, I needed to take tickets for two passengers at once round-trip.

Please note that the opportunity to use your bonus appears only at the last stage immediately before payment, and for this you may need to separately check the "Use discount" checkbox.

By the way, the discount can be used not only for trains in Italy, but also for buses and even flights, the main thing is that all the above conditions are respected.

  • Register at Omio and get 10 Euros for the trip.

How to get even more Omio bonuses and travel for free

Getting 10 Euros on your first trip, especially in Italy, is nice, but you can go further and get even more bonuses.

Immediately after registration in the "Referral Bonus" section, you will have your own opportunity to share the 10 Euro bonus on the trip with your family and friends by sending them an invitation through popular social networks.

As soon as a friend signs up for Omio at your invitation, a gift bonus of 10 Euro is also activated. Just like you.

And if a friend takes advantage of the bonus, then after his purchase Your account will be replenished by another 10 Euro.

Therefore, the benefits are mutual. You invite friends to get a discount, and when they apply it, your bonus will increase.

By the way, exactly the same principle of bonus calculation is used by the most popular private rental website in the world Airbnb. By registering in the system at the invitation of an existing participant, here is a special link, you get a bonus of about 30 Euro on your first trip.

And later you can invite friends and increase your own bonus, giving them a discount on travel.

For several years now, thanks to this system, I don’t pay at all for travel accommodation, and the apartments I rent are much better than most hotels.

Here's how, for example, this wonderful apartment in Rome:

BlogoItaliano described his experience with Airbnb in more detail in a separate article link.

Sign up for both the Omio link and the Airbnb link right now, because this will save you money on your next trip.

And even if tickets and accommodation have already been bought, then it’s also fearless. After all, the bonus can be used throughout the year from the moment of registration.

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Watch the video: Milan to Zurich by EuroCity train from 29 (February 2020).


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