Venice - the most romantic city in the world

Italy is perhaps the most romantic country in the world. And that is why, on the eve of Valentine's Day, at airports, there is a larger usual cluster of tourists holding hands, many of whom obviously came here to celebrate the holiday in a romantic setting with their soulmate.

But in which city is it worth going dreamy and in love with hearts? And how much does it cost to rent a hotel in an ideal place to celebrate Valentine's Day?, a leader in leisure and tourism, has already done some research to find out where it is better and cheaper to spend the most romantic weekend of the year.

In fact, the results of the Bucking monitoring did not surprise anyone: most romantic Italians and tourists invariably go on Valentine's Day to Venice. Unfortunately, although this city is the most suitable for February 14, the option with Venice is by no means a budget one.

Find a hotel in Venice

If you and your soulmate want to go across the Bridge of Sighs, explore all the narrow streets and canals of the city, open the route that the famous Casanova walked along, be prepared to pay from 70 to 150 euros per night for renting a hotel.

A little cheaper you will get a weekend in Verona - the city of Romeo and Juliet.

One day in this wonderful corner of Italy will obviously not be enough for you: after all, in order to penetrate the atmosphere of love and romance prevailing in Verona, couples in love need to look into Capulet's house, walk along the Stone Bridge, spend an evening near the city arena and end the day with dinner in a cozy cafe .

Find hotel in Verona

Restoring strength and energy spent per day will help you to have a good sleep in one of the hotels in the city, the rent of which ranges from 60 to 120 euros per night.

The list of the most romantic places in Italy also includes the Ponte Vecchio Florentine bridge, where many couples want to confess their love to each other, despite the sad legend of the confrontation between local guelfi (guelfi) and ghibellin (ghibellini).

Find a hotel in Florence

And Ponte Vecchio is far from the only attraction of the city that romantics need to get acquainted with: the Dante church (Chiesa Dante) is waiting for them - a symbol of love for the poet and his soulmate, Beatrice, Piazzale Michelangelo, which opens up breathtaking a view of the city, and, of course, the main decoration of Florence is the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

And finally, if a happy and loving couple decided to stay in the Eternal City - this is also a great choice for Valentine's Day.

The Milvian bridge (ponte Milvio) with its castles, the orange gardens in Savello sull'Aventino, which offers a beautiful view of the city, the Cathedral of St. Peter (San Pietro), and many other picturesque places of Rome should be included in the romantic route each pair.

Surprisingly, rental prices in the capital of Italy this weekend are not very “biting” the night in Rome will cost lovers 50-100 euros. We recommend you to study the article about cheap hotels.

You can see more romantic places and photos in our album “Beloved Italy” on Facebook.

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