Italian pensioner tried to kill a neighbor for a noisy vacuum cleaner

The carabinieri of the city of Riccione, which is located near Rimini, was detained by a pensioner-killer who decided to “radically” punish his neighbor for cleaning too noisily.

A call was received to the local police on duty about an attack on a woman. When law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they saw the main “protagonists”: an 85-year-old pensioner and his neighbor, who received lacerated head wounds as a result of a quarrel with an enraged grandfather. The carabinieri testified that there was indeed a fight between the neighbors of the small condominium, as a result of which the woman was seriously injured.

It would seem that this is a common story that can happen to everyone, if not for the weapon with which the pensioner did his utmost to “convince” the woman that she was too noisy to clean up her apartment.

An 85-year-old man beat his neighbor from the top floor ... with a mason's hammer.

A labor veteran, unable to bear the terrible noise, went up to the second floor and rang the doorbell of the apartment that the woman had opened to him. Posing as a local housing and communal services employee and referring to a malfunction invented by him, he entered the room and, without hesitation, a raging pensioner struck her three blows with a hammer on the head, intending to kill her. While the victim writhed on the floor in pain, the pensioner-killer disappeared from the scene of the crime, leaving the same hammer in the woman’s apartment.

After the local police detained the offender, he gave a number of testimonies, confessing everything. An 85-year-old native of Urbino explained that the motive for his actions was an overly noisy vacuum cleaner.

The pensioner also admitted: the only thing he regrets is that he did not finish his insidious plan and did not finish off his 79-year-old neighbor with an unfortunate vacuum cleaner. Soon he will be charged with a deliberate attempted murder. Meanwhile, the injured woman was taken to the city hospital, where she received medical care. Doctors have not yet taken up the view that nothing threatens the life of an elderly lady.

Not so long ago, scientists conducted a special survey that identified the main reasons why neighbors enter into conflicts, sometimes ending with assault and even murder. As the researchers say, primary reason, over which there are quarrels between the tenants of the same house, - this is noise. Loud music, crying for children or noisy clarifications of relationships at a later time can easily provoke residents of the neighboring apartment to scandal. Emergencies can also become a bone of contention.

More than 25 percent of respondents said that they are quite capable of cursing with their neighbors if they, for example, flooded them.

And finally "Bronze" goes to the struggle for a parking space in the courtyard. The list of the most common causes of conflicts between the neighbors of the same house also included inappropriate use of the premises, as well as overly annoying and loud pets.

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