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Weather in Rome for months

The climate and weather in Rome are largely determined by the geographical position of the capital of Italy. Rome's subtropical Mediterranean climate implies long hot summers and mild, albeit rainy winters. As for frost and snowfall, in Rome even in winter they are more the exception than the rule.

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Weather in Rome for months

Weather in Rome in January

January is one of the coldest months of the year. However, even in winter, the thermometer rarely drops to sub-zero temperatures. As a rule, the average monthly temperature in Rome in January is + 4 + 11 C.

Rainfall, which falls here mainly in the form of rain, darkens the overall picture of a rather warm winter. However, January is not the wettest month of the year, so the weather does not hinder admiring the city and its sights. The main thing is that the umbrella is always with you.

Weather in February

Although January is considered to be the coldest month of the year in Eternal City, the difference with February is purely symbolic. The month is quite “wet”, and the average temperature is in the range + 5 + 12С. The weather in Rome in February determines the need for an umbrella as one of the main attributes of outdoor walks.

Snow in Rome is extremely rare

Weather in March

March in Rome is the most unpredictable month of the year. Although the number of sunny days has significantly increased compared to the winter months, the weather often remains cool and changeable. Still frequent rains and sometimes quite harsh winds can pretty much spoil the spring mood, but this usually relates more to the first half of March.

Toward the end of the month, the weather more and more reminds us that spring has arrived. The average monthly temperature in Rome in March fluctuates, as a rule, between +7 and + 15C. The umbrella remains a permanent attribute, but sunglasses should also be “under your arm”.

Weather in April

Weather in Rome in April pleases with truly spring colors. The thermometer column is steadily creeping up, oscillating most often between +9 and + 18C. There were cases when the temperature rose to + 28C.

However, do not forget that April is still not summer. Short-term rain is sometimes possible, and the wind can remind of the recent winter, but the sun is brighter and warmer every day, and the flowers and trees are in the juice itself.

Rome in April may already be really hot

Weather in May

In recent years, May weather in Rome is more like summer than the end of spring. The only thing that reminds of the season is cool nights - + 13-15С. But in the afternoon, the sun warms what is called "to its fullest." Therefore, although they write in directories that the average monthly temperature in Rome in May rarely rises above + 19-23C in recent years, this is not always true. May in the “Eternal City”, as for our latitudes, is a full summer, so prepare accordingly.

Weather in June

The weather in Rome in June already makes the locals think about leaving the "stone jungle" and, closer to the weekend, go somewhere out of town, closer to the sea. The thermometer column reaches + 17-20С at night, and during the day, as a rule, confidently jumps + 27С.

The time has come when to move around the city have to run across, being in a constant search for shelter. Crowds of people gather at the Roman fountains or look for cozy cafes to sit in the shade of the sun. At such moments, I would like to be exposed to summer rain, but June is not particularly pampered with rainfall.

Weather in July

July is one of the hottest and driest months of the year. The weather in Rome in July is also high humidity, which sometimes makes the heat unbearable. The temperature reaches + 30-40C in the daytime, and even at night it is difficult to take a breath, because on a thermometer + 20-25C. Therefore, it always makes sense to check with the hotel about the availability of air conditioning in the rooms. Surely something, but such a precaution will definitely not be superfluous.

July in Rome is one of the hottest months of the year

Weather in August

August weather is not much different from July weather: the same high temperatures and almost no precipitation. Sometimes it seems that this month in Rome there are only those citizens whose business directly depends on the tourist season, while the rest move outside the city - closer to the water. The weather in Rome in August still in no way allows us to allow thoughts about the imminent end of summer. Rather, it is the destiny of the next month - September.

Weather in September

The weather in Rome in September, especially in its first half, is still a perfect summer. During the day, the thermometer rarely drops below + 26 ° C, but evenings become comfortable + 19-22 ° C, contributing to an active nightlife. Although September does not have an abundance of rainfall, short rains are the first sign that autumn is gradually taking over.

Weather in October

October in Rome could be called the most velvet month, if the idyllic picture was not spoiled by frequent autumn rains. The average temperature of the month is + 22-25 ° C during the day and about + 13 ° C at night, but according to statistics, the weather is the rainiest in the year. Although sunny days are still pleasing with warmth, nevertheless, the feeling of the past summer often makes you think about the coming winter.

Weather in November

The last few years November in Rome is a rather warm and pleasant month. The average temperature ranges from + 9-14 ° C at night to + 16-19 ° C during the day, attracting numerous tourists even in this “off-season”. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that the November weather is very changeable and may well dousy tourists with cool rain.

Even on Christmas Eve, the air can warm up to + 17С

Weather in December

The weather in Rome in December is relatively warm. + 6 + 13C - this is, you see, not cold and in the best way contributes to sightseeing. The only “But” is unpredictable rainfall. And although December is not the wettest month of the year, yet it is able to pretty much “dampen” the vacation. Otherwise, the weather is very tolerant and sometimes even pleases with sunny days.

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