Emma Marrone will represent Italy at Eurovision 2014

Today in Italy, the results of the qualifying round for Eurovision 2014, which will be held in Denmark from May 6 to 10, were announced. The winner of the project was the popular singer and songwriter Emma Marrone (Emma Marrone).

The performer won a landslide victory at the national selection, where the jury determined the representative of the country at a song contest known throughout Europe and beyond. At Eurovision, Emma will perform the song “La mia città” (trans. “My city”), which was not included in one of her albums. By choosing Marrone as the representative of the competition, Italy has retreated from its tradition: for the last few years, the winners of the San Remo festival have been sent to Eurovision.

Emma Marrone was born in 1984 in Florence (Firenze), but then she and her parents moved to the south of the country in the town of Aradeo (Aradeo). Her talent was first noticed by her father, who took the girl with him on tour. However, the singer’s musical career began only 11 years ago, when she took part in the television show “Superstar Tour”. Later, the girl was part of several youth groups, which later broke up. Desperate, Emma decided to try her hand and show everyone her talent on the popular project "Amici di Maria De Filippi" ("Friends of Maria De Filippi").

Having brilliantly completed all the castings, the girl was included in the list of participants in the talent show and soon became the winner of the ninth season.

His first mini-album, which included songs written by the singer during her participation in the television project, was released in 2009. Many Marrone tracks became favorites of the national music charts, and one of its tracks was recognized as “platinum” at all. The first full-fledged album of a talented girl was released in 2010, and in 2011 she became one of the participants in the San Remo festival, popular in Italy. Then Emma took an honorable second place, which, as it turned out, did not suit her. A year later, Marrone returned to San Remo for the victory and won it. Last year, Emma again appeared on the Amici show, but this time she acted as a judge and coach. Marron managed to lead her ward to victory.

Last year, at the Eurovision song contest, the country was represented by San Remo winner Marco Mengoni with the song “L'essenziale” (Lane “Most Important”), with which he won 7th place. In 2012, Nina Zilli, also the winner of San Remo, went from Italy to the popular contest. The composition “L'amore è femmina” (trans. “Love is feminine”) brought her 9th place.

Italy has been participating in Eurovision since 1956, but the country several times refused to send its performers to the competition.

This happened for the first time in 1981, when the national television channel “RIA” announced that it would not broadcast this musical event, as interest in it in the country decreased significantly.

However, already in 1983, the Italian artist was included in the list of participants. Italy several times refused to perform in Europe (in 1986), and from 1997 to 2010 the country completely ignored Eurovision. In 2011, Italian Rafael Gualazzi (Raffaele Gualazzi) "burst" into the contest, where took second place.

In the entire history of the country's participation in the prestigious competition, the Italians received four times, the silver - two times and, finally, two performers won it: Gigolola Cinquetti with a song “Non ho l'età (Per amarti)” (trans. “I am still small (to love you)”) in 1964 and the legendary singer Toto Cutugno with a composition "Insieme" (lane "Together") in 1990.

Watch the video: Eurovision 2014 Interview: Emma Marrone from Italy. wiwibloggs (February 2020).


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