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Ischia: island of youth and entertainment

Ischia Island is located in the same province of Campania as the world famous Capri. Due to the abundance of hot mineral springs formed as a result of volcanic activity and going directly to the sea coast, Ischia became famous as a place of pilgrimage for tourists eager for beauty, youth and health.

Along with chic balneological resorts and thermal complexes, Ischia It is known for its mild subtropical climate, citrus and pine groves, golden sandy beaches, full of excursion programs and entertainment for every taste.

Ischia Porto

Ischia Porto is one of two independent districts of the island's capital. Its main attraction is the huge cargo and passenger port, built in the 19th century on the site of an extinct millennium ago and filled with water by a volcanic crater. Thanks to the port, life in Ischia Porto boils around the clock: tourists craving for entertainment fill numerous local taverns, fish restaurants, bars and clubs. But still the most popular place in the afternoon Ischia Porto is the famous beach, which is marked on all maps as English (Spiaggia degli Inglesi).

The main feature of Ischia Porto is the cargo and passenger port

Ischia Ponte

The second independent district of the capital city of Ischia, located just a few bus stops from Ischia Porto. However, unlike the port "fellow", Ischia Ponte It is distinguished by calm and measured, due to which it has become a popular place among Italians for families with children.

The fertile sea air mixed with the aroma of pine, citrus and chestnut groves, fishing boats moored to the shore and the majestic Aragonese Castle create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. And from the many sandy beaches, gently sloping down to the sea, a wonderful view opens to the neighboring islands of Procida and Vivara, to old mills and fishing houses.

Aragonese castle (Castello Aragonese)

One of the main and most visited sights of the island is the Aragonese castle, built in the Middle Ages on the ruins of an ancient fortress from the time of the tyrant of Syracuse Hieron (V century BC).

The castle (or fortress) is located on a volcanic island, which is a frozen magma, with a diameter of about 300 m and a height of 113 m. Nature itself worried that the place for the future fortress was reliably protected: the slopes of the volcanic island are steep and rocky, and in some places completely unexpectedly break off over the abyss of the sea. A fortress wall has been built around the perimeter of the island, and the coast can only be reached by a bridge laid across the dam, or by secret passage - a 400-meter tunnel cut into the rock back in 1441.

Aragonese castle is located on a volcanic island

In my time Aragonese Castle It was a small inhabited town, and at a time when foreigners tried to conquer the island, the entire population of Ischia took refuge on its territory. Later it housed the bishop's residence. In addition, inside the castle territory was a nunnery of the Clarissinos, belonging to the Order of the Franciscans. An unusual cemetery has been preserved on the territory of the monastery, on which instead of graves are stone chairs. When the nuns died, they were not buried, but were planted on chairs covered in small crates.

The torture chamber, which now houses the Museum, has been preserved in the Aragonese Castle. Among his exhibits are all kinds of torture devices used during the interrogation of prisoners and prisoners of war.

When the nuns died, they were not buried, but were planted on chairs

For lovers of special color in the castle there is a small hotel, as well as several restaurants.

Forio (Forio)

Forio, the largest resort city islands of Ischia, located at the foot of the 800-meter-long sleeping volcano Epomeo. Once the city was surrounded by 12 watchtowers. Some of them that have "survived" to this day are used today as viewing platforms and local attractions. The most notable is the 15th-century Torrione tower, which houses an art gallery and a municipal museum. In clear weather, not only the city itself, but also a significant part of the island can be clearly seen from its height.

Forio was surrounded by 12 watchtowers in the Middle Ages

The historic center of Forio, with its narrow streets, baroque palaces and medieval churches, is well preserved. At all times, the beauty of this city attracted creative people who came here for inspiration. Fans of cinema enjoy visiting the old villa of Colombaya, which has become a museum house and gained fame thanks to the cult Italian director Lukino Visconti. In total, more than 300 tons of exhibits have been collected here, among which the scenery for his films, costumes, as well as photographs, awards and other memorable items of Visconti are of particular interest.

Forio is located at the foot of the sleeping volcano Epomeo

AT Forio wonderful sandy beaches with white sand, which will appeal not only to adults, but also perfect for families with children.

Fans of nightlife will also not be disappointed, since the city has a sufficient number of discos, nightclubs, restaurants and bars.

Volcano Epomeo (Monte Epomeo)

Although the Volcano fell asleep more than 7 centuries ago, and its last eruption was observed in 1302, seismologists insist that it can wake up at any moment, and the consequences will be worse than those that occurred as a result of the eruption of Vesuvius and the Pompeii disaster. In this scenario, Ischia expects the fate of the legendary Atlantis, since the island will completely go under water.

However, fearless tourists are not afraid of such forecasts, and they boldly climb to the topEpomeoto take pictures as a keepsake. On a clear day, when the weather is nice, the 800-meter volcano offers stunning views of the entire island, including the Aragonese castle and the silhouette of Capri on the horizon.

Get to Volcano Epomeo quite simple: you need to get to the town of Serrara Fontana, and from there, along the narrow winding path made in the rock, climb to the top on foot. Lifting, however, may not be an easy task, because many have dizziness and a heartbeat, especially in the last tens of sheer meters.

If Epomeo wakes up, the consequences may be worse than the Pompeii disaster

It is curious that enterprising Italians here, too, on Vulcan, built a small but profitable business: not reaching 50 meters to its top, there was a trattoria selling pizza, pasta and espresso.

And on Epomeo you can visit the small church of St. Nicolo (XIII century.). In ancient times, the Basilica played the role of a kind of observation post, from which it was possible to notice the approach of pirates and warn the inhabitants of the island about the danger.

And, of course, the main pride of the island is thermal springs and mud, which can rejuvenate the face, body and the whole body without any medical procedures, as well as relieve stress and fatigue.

Ischia still remembers how the star couple walked here - Clark Gable and Elizabeth Taylor. Today it is a favorite vacation spot of Angela Merkel and other equally famous personalities.

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