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How to get from Rome to Venice and from Venice to Rome

If you plan a trip to Italy, then two cities that you should definitely put on the map of your route are Rome and Venice. Perhaps someone will object and also remember Florence, Milan or Naples, but this is my subjective opinion, and, as you know, they don’t argue about tastes. That is why, in continuation of the theme of travels in Italy, we decided to explore in detail the options for how to get from Rome to Venice or, if you like, from Venice to Rome. After all, in fact, from the point of view of logistics, the set of methods will be the same.

From Rome to Venice by plane

Being one of the most popular destinations in Europe, both cities - Rome and Venice - have very high-caliber international airports. Speaking specifically about Rome, there are even two of them - Fiumicino and Ciampino.

Airfare to Venice from Rome largely depends on the season in which the trip. Sometimes it’s very real to findtickets from Rome to Venice at a "ridiculous" price from 15 Euro. Of course, such a price is a mixture of long-term planning, off-season and luck, but still. Much more realistic to find round-trip tickets at a price of 100 Euros. Flight itselffrom Venice to Rome in time it takes about an hour.

Airports in Rome and Venice are quite far from cities

In principle, the prices do not bite, and the flight time seems to be quite adequate, if not for their "But." Rome Fiumicino Airport is located very far from the city. Therefore, if you aim to get to Venice from Rome by plane, then it is worth separately laying down time (and money) for a trip to the Airport. Details on how to do this, we wrote in the post How to get from Rome to Fiumicino airport.

Venice Airport - Marco Polo - is also located outside the city. So the travel time increases even more. Finally, to the very grown up travel time, you should add at least another hour, which will have to be spent in Fiumicino (or Marco Polo, if you fly from Venice to Rome) during the passage of the necessary pre-flight procedures. Thus, instead of an hour on the road, we get about four.

We are not trying to lobby for other ways of traveling. Venice to Rome and / or from Rome to Venicebut the facts, as they say, are there. But if, nevertheless, you decide to choose a plane, then here is a resource for you to help find the optimal cost of air travel.

From Rome to Venice by train

A train is the best way to travel around Italy when it comes to short and medium distances. And the distance from Venice to Rome or, say, the distance from Milan to Venice is just the average. Moreover, in terms of time spent “from threshold to threshold”, the train is quite comparable to an airplane (even faster).

The fastest trains pass distance from Rome to Venice for 3.5-4 hours, but there are also those that need all 6 (this is especially true for night trains).

For many trains (and almost certainly for all ambulances), you may need to reserve a seat along with buying a ticket. Also, if you will travel from Rome to Venice, specify that your train goes to the station Venezia santa lucia, since there is also the Venezia Mestre station located on the mainland.

As for the ticket price, the cost of such a fast train starts on average from 40-50 Euros (2019), for slower trains the cost of tickets is slightly lower. As we approach the departure date, ticket prices gradually increase, reaching their peak on the day of departure. In this way,the sooner you purchase a ticket, the cheaper it will cost you.

Fast trains travel from Rome to Venice in 3.5-4.5 hours

Buy train tickets You can online or directly at the station. Most travelers try to book tickets in advance, since this not only saves a lot of money in most cases, but guarantees their place on the train and Avoid long lines at train stations. This is especially true between April and October, because the route from Rome to Venice is considered one of the busiest in Italy.

To better understand what to expect at the train station, check out the video below that we shot in Bologna. And although this is not Rome or Venice, it will be extremely useful for those who are now planning their trip. We also recommend subscribing to our Youtube channel, where useful videos for travelers are regularly posted:

One of the most successful services for buying train tickets in Italy in RuNet is former GoEuro. Its main convenience is that the service tracks the schedule of not only the largest railway operator, but also smaller ones, whose prices, as a rule, are much lower. And this, in turn, helps greatly save.

In addition, at Omio you can get a separate discount of 10 Euros, which even the railway companies themselves do not give. To receive a discount, you need to go through a short registration in the service at this special link.

The discount can be used immediately after registration, but only for the purchase of more than 40 Euros and only 1 time. If you are not traveling alone, then you can send this link to your fellow travelers so that each of them can also take advantage of the discount. For more on how this works, BlogoItaliano wrote here.

Rome's Termini Station is crowded no matter the season

To make a purchase, just a credit card and a few minutes. The ticket comes to E-mail automatically immediately after payment in the form of a PDF file. It is enough to print it out and take it with you to the station.

Important point of tickets on fast trainspurchased through Omio, that they are issued with an already indicated place on the train, which means that you don’t have to reserve anything at the station again, paying something “from above”:everything is already included in cost. In addition, tickets with the indicated places not necessary composting - travelers are often confused with this. You can check the schedule and availability of tickets at this link.

Important: when choosing slower Regionale class trains, you may need to compost the ticket or book a seat on the train directly at the station.

From Rome to Venice by car

From Rome to Venice can be reached by car, however, this is exactly the case when it makes sense to think about whether you need it. Venice and Rome are, perhaps, precisely those Italian cities in which a car will be a burden for you rather than real help.

In Venice, you won’t especially lead, because the roads in the city end where they begin - at Piazzale Roma. And as for Rome, without a good knowledge of the city, driving through it is more stress than pleasure. Not to mention the problem with parking.

Prices for car rental in Italy are quite affordable.

If you are determined to cover the distance from Rome to Venice by car, then you need to be prepared for the fact that your budget is patted by the cost of gasoline and travel on the autobahns. From 5.5-6 hours on the road (the distance from Venice to Rome is 540 km) you will spend about 4.5 on the freeways, and this pleasure will cost you about 30 Euro, excluding the cost of gasoline.

Equally important is the approach to choosing a car rental company. Prices for car rental in Italy can vary greatly from company to company. In addition, it is often the use of “prohibited methods” in the form of hidden payments, for example, for insurance, etc.

To avoid overpayments, it is better to search for a car through a specialized search engine that tracks in real time the offers of many companies at once and allows you to conveniently compare one with the other. You can try it in action and even book your favorite car online on this page.

From Rome to Venice by bus

It is quite possible to get from Rome to Venice by bus, but this solution has its pros and cons. Firstly, it is far from always convenient - there are only a few direct bus routes per day. Most flights go with transfers, and therefore the trip time may well stretch to 12 or even 14 hours.

In addition, even direct bus routes, as a rule, go much slower than trains, and therefore go back and forth in 1 day and even quickly skip the city, whether Rome or Venice, will fail.

Even the fact that bus tickets cost a little cheaper (and even not always) does not save the situation. In the end, you spend time on the road that you could devote to sightseeing on the spot, and a few euros saved are not such a big plus.

Nevertheless, there are buses and it is impossible to remain silent about this. In Venice, their stations are located on Tronchetto and at the train station in Mestre, and in Rome - in the city itself and Fiumicino. Check the current schedule and prices on this page.

Day Trips in Rome and Venice from BlogoItaliano

If you are planning to visit Rome or Venice for the first time, we recommend our one-day itineraries in both cities, as well as subscribe to our free e-mail Course for travelers to Italy, with which you will organize your trip more profitably, interestingly and effectively:

Hotel collections with promotions

You can save a lot when you visit both cities using a selection of hotels with current sales. Discounts are constantly updated and can reach 70%. Below is the current selection for Venice.

And here are the current promotions of Rome hotels.

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