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La Scala: the most famous opera house in Milan

It was Italy that owed its appearance as a genre of musical and dramatic art. And the word “opera” itself comes from Italian - “composition, work”. Starting from the 17th century, the championship in this art form belonged alternately to Venice and Naples until the construction of a new theater, La Scala, was completed in Milan in 1778.

What is the difference opera in Milan from other theaters in the world? Excellent acoustics, a large capacity (2015 seats after reconstruction), front attire? This will boast tens and hundreds of other, less well-known, stage venues.

The fact that world-famous celebrities performed in La Scala - from Maria Malibran to Montserrat Caballe and Placido Domingo, and the main conductors of the theater were Arturo Toscanini and Riccardo Muti? But stars of this level fully work in the Metropolitan Opera, and in the Grand Opera, and in Vienna, and even in Mexico City.

However, now, speaking of what constitutes opera in italy from the point of view of performing, composing and conducting skills, what are its traditions and development trends, we mean: we are talking about La Scala.

And today, many tourists who do not consider themselves inveterate theatergoers and music fans are in a hurry to get into this theater even during a short trip. Perhaps in order to at least slightly touch his secrets and his history.

La Scala: from the history of the miracle of Milan

Already in 1816 Stendhal called La Scala theater in Milan "the first theater in the world." Excellent technical equipment, luxurious performances, the best performers from around the world, who inspired the great Frenchman for colorful essays about attending a performance - this secret is revealed quite simply.

The fact is that for two and a half centuries Milan (with a short break during the Napoleonic campaigns) was under Austrian rule. And it was this Italian city, because of its territorial proximity to Vienna, political and economic importance, was chosen by Empress Maria Theresa as the opera capital of Europe.

La Scala Theater was built in 1778. architect Giuseppe Piermarini

So the opera arose in Milan - not the most, incidentally, musical (rather commercial - after all, the capital of Lombardy) city. But the fact that the Austrian emperors never stinted in relation to their "dynastic addiction" to music, created a real miracle.

Well, not all theaters in Milan, and throughout Italy, can boast such a rich history, inextricably linked not only with the history of art, but also with the history of all of Europe as a whole.

La Scala Opera in Milan became the premier theater for J. Rossini, V. Bellini, G. Donizetti. In 1841, J. Verdi's opera Nabucco was first staged in La Scala, which became a kind of response to revolutionary events, after which the composer received the unofficial title of Maestro of the Italian Revolution.

And in 1926, the premiere of "Turandot" by J. Puccini was interrupted by the words of Toscanini: "The heart of the master stopped here" - the purest expression of devotion to art and friendship of two great masters.

Repertoire of La Scala

Today, La Scala’s repertoire contains both classical and contemporary works by recognized masters of the past and present. The best theater directors, conductors and performers from around the world are invited to stage them.

By the way, the repertoire of La Scala is built in a completely different way than in Russia. Each month of the theater season, traditionally beginning on December 7, on the day of St. Ambrose, the patron saint of Milan, they give one opera and one ballet - 5-7 times during the stated time.

La Scala Opera House in Milan

Between performances, symphony concerts are held, as well as concerts by world stars and musical evenings. A month later, the repertoire of La Scala is completely changing. Moreover, the expectation of the next production of a work that this theater has already staged may stretch for years.

Nevertheless, the production of such operas as Othello, Aida, Falstaff by J. Verdi, Norma V. Bellini or Madame Butterfly by G. Puccini is periodically renewed (about once every 2-3 years) - both in classic and ultramodern version.

After all, the technical power of the theater still remains almost unsurpassed, which allows to realize on the stage any whim of the director. The current and regularly updated repertoire of the La Scala theater for the coming months can be found here.

La Scala Tickets

Tickets for La Scala can be purchased in several different ways. But, given the overpopularity of the theater, it is better not to risk it, postponing the purchase of tickets until arrival in Milan. Despite the fact that even on the day of the performance they can sometimes be found at the box office or in the office at the Duomo Cathedral, this is, nevertheless, a matter of chance.

Do not rely on the old Soviet habit for an "extra ticket" or for dealers. Now almost alltickets to La Scala - registered, that is, without the right to transfer to other persons. The exception is invitations to subscribed lodges, but, like 200 years ago, only a select few receive such an invitation.

Repertoire of the La Scala Theater

In recent years, ticket sales begin online strictly 2 months before the next premiere (opera or ballet). La Scala Opera does not guarantee that they will be in a few hours or even minutes after the start of sales.

However, the Internet, nevertheless, allows you to keep track of new arrivals on time and simplifies the purchase process, wherever you are physically. Learn more about the procedure for purchasing tickets to the best opera theater of Milan (and not only), and you can also reserve seats Select Italy website.

Have a nice view!

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