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Prices in Italy: how much money to bring with you to Italy

Compared to Great Britain and Northern Europe, prices in Italy are lower, although relative to their neighbors in the southern part of the continent, they are very significantly higher. However, the trip can be reduced in price very tangibly, for example, by choosing a low season for the tour or “playing around” with the regions of the planned stay. Going to the North or to a large tourist city in Italy you need to be prepared for the fact that life here is more expensive than in the South or in the countryside.

Italy gasoline prices

Answer to the question How much money to bring to Italy very much depends on whether you intend to rent a car and explore the famous Italian freeways on your own. And it is not only the cost of the lease itself, but also the associated costs.

So, for example, in 2017 gas prices in Italy noticeably "grown up." Average the price of 95th gasoline in Italy in September 2017 amounted to 1.65 euros / liter, diesel fuel - 1.54 euros / liter.

Gas prices in Italy are much higher than ours.

Therefore, it always makes sense to evaluate the mileage of the proposed route in advance, compare it with the voracity of an economical car, and ask the question: "Isn't it better to buy a train ticket?"

Food Prices in Italy

There are two ways to save on food in Italy: cook it yourself, or visit inexpensive establishments such as TRATTORIA or OSTERIA.

In the first case, you can buy in large supermarkets, where promotions are a common thing, or at visiting fairs, where the same product, which is not inferior in quality, can be bought even cheaper. For example, parmesan cheese (parmigiano reggiano) aged 12-48 months in a supermarket will cost 11-30 euros per kilogram, and at the fair you can buy it for only 7 euros. The cost of Parma ham in an Italian supermarket may well reach 22 euros; at the fair, a similar product will cost about 15.

Prices in restaurants in Italy

If you cook it yourself - not for you, you can always find cafes or small restaurants with good cuisine and digestible prices. An analogue of our complex lunches can be found in restaurants, the entrance to which is decorated with a sign - MENU TURISTICO (tourist menu).

In Italy, you can always find small restaurants with good food and reasonable prices.

The cost of a lunch consisting of several dishes with wine and dessert in such an institution will be about 15-20 euros. As a rule, the price of a standard lunch is indicated on the plate itself or next to it. The same price range in institutions with the names of TRATTORIA and OSTERIA, where a full lunch or dinner will also cost around 20 euros.

But in small restaurants with home cooking - ROSTICERIA, which are usually located away from central and lively tourist places, a hearty lunch or dinner will cost only 5-7 euros. Therefore, Italians themselves are pleased to visit the “Rosticherias”. You can always find out where the nearest ROSTICERIA is located at the administrator of the hotel where you are staying for the night.

This Easter dinner with wine and dessert cost its customers in Turin - 25 euros

By the way, BlogoItaliano already described a detailed tour of the Italian menu, prices and interesting nuances in one of the previous posts. Highly recommend.

Prices for water and alcohol in Italy

Italians themselves easily use water directly from the tap, since the country is famous for the quality of its treatment. If such experiments are not for you, then a half- or two-liter bottle of San Benedetto, Levissima or San Bernardo mineral water can be bought at a price of 0.25-0.70 euros.

A bottle of beer in an Italian supermarket will cost 1-3 euros, depending on whether the drink is local or imported. A bottle of inexpensive local wine can be bought for 3.5 - 6 euros. The price of vodka and other strong drinks such as MONTENEGRO, AVERNA, GRAPPA or LIMONCELLO starts at 7 euros per bottle. We have already written more about Italian alcohol here.

For table setting Italian restaurants include in the bill - COPERTO

In bars and restaurants, the cost of a glass of local wine starts from 1.5 euros, beer - from 2.5 euros, cocktail - from 5 euros, espresso - 1-3 euros, tea - from 1.3 euros.

Prices for mobile communication in Italy

If you need to travel mobile communication in Italy, it is much more economical to purchase a local operator’s SIM card. Price for mobile in Italy starts from 10 euros. Almost all CIS mobile operators have roaming agreements with their Italian counterparts, offering very favorable rates for both domestic and international calls. After activation, the SIM card is valid for 11 months, but outside the country it works only for incoming calls.

Taxi prices in Italy

Way catch a taxi on the street in Italy It is widely practiced only in large cities such as Rome, Milan or Florence. In resorts or in small towns it makes more sense to order a taxi by phone.

It is always better to use licensed taxis equipped with meters, a burning taxi sign on the roof and the inscription - servizio pubblico. Taxi fare in Italy for 1 km the trip is from 1 euro, but at the same time you will be charged another 8 euros per landing. Taxi prices in Italy at night, holidays and weekends are usually higher. You will also often have to pay separately for each additional piece of baggage.

Instead of an epilogue

Of course, fully answer the question How much money to bring to Italy - impossible. The concept of quality of service, amenities and adequate price tags is all individual. But our task was different - to outline possible ranges prices in Italy and give an understanding of the "lower bar". As for the top, then this is a completely different story ...

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