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The beaches of Rome: where to escape from the summer heat

Rome is the perfect place to spend your Italian holidays. Despite the fact that the city is not on the coast, travelers have plenty of opportunities to combine sightseeing tourism with a luxurious beach holiday. In the vicinity of the Eternal City there are many excellent beaches, the atmosphere of which in a few minutes will make you forget about the summer metropolitan heat.

Few tourists, fascinated by the sights of Rome, know that just an hour from the Italian capital there is a stunning seaside resort with a great beach.

Nettuno Beach

Having traveled 60 kilometers by train — a relatively short distance — you can find yourself on a beach whose name was given in honor of the god of all the seas of Neptune. The train leaves from Termini Station and goes straight to Nettuno Station.

The beach is named after Neptune - the god of all seas

In the midst of the swimming season, which occurs in July-August, this sandy shore of the Tyrrhenian Sea turns into a popular holiday destination for both Italians and tourists from all over the world. Families with children like to relax here, because the entrance to the sea is very comfortable, the depth increases gradually, and the water temperature is optimal. The cleanest sea along Nettuno Beach is not uncommon, but rather its usual state.

Experienced travelers are advised to come to Nettuno Beach from Rome on weekdays to avoid crowds of people who want to spend a weekend at sea.


The distance separating the Eternal City from the resort is not more than 60 kilometers, which makes Anzio a very popular destination for beach tourism in Italy. You can get to the resort from Termini Train Station: the train is only 50 minutes on the way, and the ticket price is available to every tourist. If desired, such a trip can be made by taxi or rented car.

It was in Anzio that the Roman emperors Caligula and Nero were born

Like Ostia, this coast is a favorite vacation spot of the Romans. And it's not just the picturesque scenery of the beach, located on a cape and surrounded by a turquoise strip of sea. In ancient times, this place was a major port, and it was here that the Roman emperors Caligula and Nero were born.

Today, Anzio is famous for its luxurious beach, exciting marine activities, sailing regattas and great restaurants on the coast. And one of the most popular excursions available to holidaymakers on Anzio beach is a boat trip to the island of Ponza.


This beach resort is located just half an hour by train, departing from the center of Rome - from Termini Station - to the Lido stop. The coast of Lido di Ostia is considered the best sandy beach in the vicinity of the Italian capital. Here, residents of Rome and other neighboring cities prefer to spend weekends, and tourists do not have a number at all during the high season.

Lido di Ostia - one of the best sandy beaches in the vicinity of Rome

On the beach of Ostia there are both free zones where you can easily sit on your own towel, as well as more comfortable paid areas equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.

This beach owes its popularity and love to tourists not only due to its proximity to Rome, but also to a large number of pizzerias, cafes, night clubs, pretty shops, bars and restaurants located in its vicinity.

Sabaudia Beach

This sandy coast is 95 kilometers from Rome; the beach is located on the territory of Circeo - the most beautiful national park in Italy. Popular artists, show business stars and other world celebrities like to spend their holidays here.

Sabaudia beach is located in the national park of Italy

The beach is equipped with all the necessary attributes - umbrellas and sunbeds, it is regularly cleaned and carefully monitored for cleanliness. Due to the special microclimate created by the nearby freshwater Paola Lake, there is no intense heat.

You can get from Rome to Sabaudia beach by renting a car or a bus that runs from Laurentina Metro.


Sperlonga is a more remote, but no less popular beach in the vicinity of Rome. The most convenient way to get to it is the train running from Termini station to Fondi Sperlonga, from where you can reach the beach by public transport.

This coast got its name from the Latin word "Speluncae", which means "depression". Indeed, the coastline along this stretch of the coast is indented with cliffs and hollows that create unusually picturesque landscapes.

The coastline along Sperlonga beach is indented by cliffs and hollows.

In addition to the beach, tourists may be interested in the town of Sperlonga itself - a typically fishing village with narrow streets, watchtowers and panoramic platforms. The town has many bars and restaurants, and from the local attractions deserve attention the Caves of Tiberius and the Archaeological Museum.

San Felice Circeo Beach

Located a hundred kilometers from Rome, the beach of San Felice Circeo is recognized as one of the most impressive holiday destinations on the Italian coast. The resort is located on a peninsula and is surrounded by wonderful landscapes - rocky hills, Mount Circeo, sand dunes and the emerald sea.

You can get to this heavenly place by bus, leaving from Rome from Laurentina station to Circeo. The trip will take about three hours, and a regular bus leaves every hour.

The beach of San Felice Circeo is surrounded by wonderful landscapes.

Tourists resting in San Felice Circeo, not only spend time on the beach, but also take boat trips through fancy caves and grottoes, the most famous of which are the Bat Cave, Blue Grotto and Goat Cave.

Other activities available to holidaymakers in San Felice Circeo include boat trips to the Pontic Islands, tours of the historic city center, diving and discos on the coast.

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