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Palaces of Venice: 5 most interesting

Amazing Venice is famous not only for its canals, but also for its huge number of palaces. The palaces of Venice are mostly mansions erected by influential Venetian families. For the construction and subsequent design of the palaces, eminent architects, artists, sculptors who created magnificent buildings in the Romanesque, Gothic, Byzantine style were attracted.

In the days of the Venetian Republic, only the Doge's palace had the right to be called a palace, while the rest of the buildings were called Ca - an abbreviation for Casa, meaning "house" or "mansion". Later, the Venetian palaces began to be called the "palazzo".

Most of palaces of Venice located in the city center along the banks of the Grand Canal - their facades are a little shed from time and constant exposure to moisture, but still retain traces of former greatness. Many palaces have their secrets, stories, or legends. Each of the Venetian palazzos deserves attention, but it is almost impossible to cover everything within one tourist trip, so you should pay attention to the most interesting ones.

Palazzo pesaro

Pesaro Palace was built in the second half of the XVII century for the Pesaro family. The author of the palazzo is the famous Italian architect Baldassare Longena, who managed to harmoniously fit the powerful architectural structure into the elegant and elegant image of Venice.

After the construction was completed, the interior of the palace underwent changes for a long time - they were decorated with frescoes, stucco molding, paintings by Italian painters.

Pesaro Palace was built in the second half of the XVII century

After Pesaro, Gradenigo became the owners of the palace, and then the Duchess of Felechit Bevilacua la Masa, who transferred the building to the municipality. In 1902, the International Gallery of Modern Art opened in the Pesaro Palace, and a few years later, the Museum of Oriental Arts.

Palazzo Dandolo

The Palazzo Dandolo, like most palaces in Venice, is located on the Grand Canal. This magnificent building was erected by the Dandolo family in 1400. Throughout its history, the palace was replaced by many owners - every hundred years the palazzo passed into new hands.

Presumably, the reason for the sale of the palace was too high a cost for its maintenance, excessive for its inhabitants. Dandolo sold the palazzo to the Gritti family, then the relay passed to the Michele family, then Mocenigo, and after them - Bernando.

Today in the Palazzo Dandolo is located the Royal Danieli Hotel

In the XVII century, the famous gambling house was opened in the Dandolo Palace - it was visited by noble dignitaries and nobles, hiding their faces under masks. Currently, the five-star Royal Danieli Hotel is located in the palazzo, at different times Charles Dickens, Charlie Chaplin, Honore de Balzac, Georges Sand, Greta Garbo stayed there.

Palazzo Foscari

The Palazzo Foscari is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture that once belonged to Doge Francesco Foscari. The magnificent palace building was built on the site of the House with two towers - an old building owned by Bernardo Justinian.

Foscari's palace was supposed to be a symbol of the wealth and grandeur of its owner, but he himself did not live in the residence for very long - because of the tragic story with his son, Francesco left his post and died a week later.

Palazzo Foscari - a magnificent example of Gothic architecture

The palace of amazing beauty served as a soldier’s barracks in the 19th century, which didn’t have a very favorable effect on its decoration. Today, the University of Venice is located in the Palazzo Foscari, more precisely, two of its four faculties - foreign languages ​​and economics.

The interior of the palace is decorated with ancient frescoes, unique stucco molding, magnificent sculptures - they can be seen during excursions in Venice.

Palazzo Dario

With the Palazzo Dario, one of the most mysterious palaces of Venice, a gloomy story is connected: most of its owners suffered misfortunes, and some - death under tragic circumstances.

The Dario mansion was built on the banks of the Grand Canal in 1487 for Giovanni Dario, the ambassador of Venice in Constantinople, who won the respect of his fellow citizens thanks to his victories in the diplomatic field.

After the death of the ambassador, the owner of the palace was his daughter, whose husband was the patrician Vincenzo Barbaro - an angry and hot-tempered man. Probably due to a difficult relationship with her husband, Marietta Dario did not live up to 20 years. A few years after her death, under mysterious circumstances, Dario's nephews died.

Most of the owners of the palace of Dario suffered tragedy and misfortune

The palace was visited by the English scholar and historian Rodon Brown, the writer Isabella de Beaum-Pluvinel, as well as a family of large Italian industrialists, whose head shot himself after a corruption scandal.

Doge's Palace

Doge's Palace, or Palazzo Ducale, located on Piazza San Marco - the most magnificent palace of venice, which is a symbol of her power and glory. During its existence, the palace was visited by the Senate, the Supreme Court, the place where the Council of the Republic and the Maritime Department met.

The first palace building was built over a thousand years ago - it was destroyed by fire, and then rebuilt in the XV century. A hundred years later, in 1577, a fire broke out again in the palace, destroying one wing of the building, which, however, was restored a few years later.

Doge's Palace - a kind of symbol of the power and glory of Venice

The visitors of the Doge's Palace are delighted and surprised by the majestic Hall of the Great Council - a huge room, the ceiling of which is not supported by anything, the Card Hall, decorated with beautiful cards by the best masters of Italy, magnificent ceremonial halls to which the Golden Staircase leads. The premises of the Doge's Palace are decorated with masterpieces of Italian painters and sculptors.

Doge's Palace is considered one of the main and most visited attractions in Italy, and therefore on BlogoItaliano we dedicated a separate article to it. Tickets for visiting the Doge's Palace, as well as the most interesting excursions on it, can be ordered online on the popular SelectItaly website.

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