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How to get from Bologna to Milan and / or from Milan to Bologna

How to get from Bologna to Milan and from Milan to Bologna as quickly as possible, comfortable and profitable.

BlogoItaliano continues a series of articles exploring various transportation options for travelers who plan to visit both cities. Traditionally, we will consider a train, car, plane and bus, and you will only have to choose the option that more closely reflects your travel style.

Train Bologna-Milan, Milan-Bologna

The fastest and most comfortable way to get from Bologna to Milan and back was and remains a train.

All trains to Milan from Bologna leave from the central train station of Bologna Centrale, while in Milan you can leave with Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi. We recommend looking for flights to Milan's main train station, Milano Centrale. Since it is located in the very center of the city, it is most convenient to start acquaintance with Milan from here.

Trains in the direction of Bologna-Milan run every day, once every half an hour-hour. Travel time depends on the speed capabilities of the train and ranges from an hour with a small to 3 hours.

Frecciarossa Train at Milano Centrale Station

Fastest - High Speed Frecciarossa trains "domchat" to the destination in just an hour. Each carriage is equipped with air conditioning, Wi-fi, laptop sockets. The number of additional "goodies" and the level of comfort depends on the chosen car: standard, business or premium.

Directions Bologna-Milan also ply Frecciabianca trains. They have almost all the services of Frecciarossa, but, unlike the previous trains, they do not travel on high-speed highways, but on ordinary ones. Because of this, the travel time increases to 2 hours.

Even slower are InterCity trains, while outsiders in speed and comfort are Regionale. In fact, regional trains are similar to our trains. They are cheaper than high-speed, but at the same time very slow, make hundreds of stops, and you will have to forget about comfort during the trip.

In addition, in a regional train, you risk being left without a seat. Especially the trains are crowded at the height of the holidays and holidays. In addition, tickets for slow trains can be purchased no earlier than 7 days before the trip, but immediately before departure it is important not to forget to stamp it.

Tickets for high-speed trains in Italy can be bought in advance, 2 months before departure, which allows you to significantly save on travel, since tickets are usually more expensive on the day of departure. The ticket price has already reserved a place and you don't need to compost it - the difficulty that newcomers on Italian railways often face. Just print a ticket and keep it with you until control.

You can check the timetable, current prices and buy tickets for high-speed trains from Bologna to Milan and from Milan to Bologna on the website. You will need a credit card to purchase, and the whole process will take no more than 15 minutes. The ticket itself arrives at the e-mail specified when booking immediately after purchase.

Check schedule and availability of tickets ›››

From Bologna to Milan by car

In comfort, the car is not inferior to trains and is ideal for those who want to freely travel around the country without limiting themselves to time frames and tedious schedules.

You can rent a car right upon arrival at the airport. To do this, it is enough to have a minimum driving experience and a driver's license of an international standard, but this method often leads to a rise in the cost of the car.

It is much more profitable to use one of the largest European car rental price comparison services (for example, Rentalcars). With their help, in 90% of cases it turns out very tangible save.

E-35 highway features excellent road surface

To get from Bologna to Milan and vice versa, you should stick to the E-35 highway, which belongs to the "A" motorway. Follow the signs. The highway is distinguished by excellent coverage and several lanes, which eliminates the possibility of traffic jams.

The distance between cities is 218 km, it will take about 2.5 hours to travel. There are toll sites on the motorway. The fare, including gasoline, will cost about 35 euros. Do not forget to put money in the budget and parking. Both in Bologna and in Milan, most parking spaces are paid.

In the so-called "zone C" in Milan, the most expensive parking spaces

For those who plan to rent a car, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the article "Car rental in Italy: everything you need to know when booking a car" in advance, and check the current prices for cars in Bologna and Milan for the dates of your trip using this link.

How to get from Bologna to Milan by bus

From Bologna to Milan and back - from Milan to Bologna - can also be reached by bus. Flights are carried out by several European road carriers. In general, traveling by bus is comfortable and inexpensive, but the road will take much longer than by train or car - from 2.5 to 4 hours.

Bus Bologna Milan is well developed

Most buses leave Bologna from the central bus station, in Milan - from the Lampugnano bus station. There are flights to Bologna and from Milan Malpensa Airport. Check the current schedule and purchase tickets on this page.

How to get from Milan to Bologna by plane

Due to the fact that the distance between Bologna and Milan is small, there are no direct flights in this direction. And to fly to Milan from Bologna with a transfer, for example, in Rome is a very dubious and expensive pleasure. The prices of the cheapest tickets in this case start from 70 euros. Travel time will take from 3 to 17 hours.

What to see in Milan

As you can see, getting from Bologna to Milan is not difficult, especially since it makes sense to stay in the capital of Lombardy. The second largest city in Italy is better to see with a guide - so you can get to know the city much better. BlogoItaliano spoke about the most popular excursions in Milan in a separate article. In it there are verified guide contactswho can be contacted to arrange an excursion.

If you are passing through the capital of Lombardy and the tour is not included in your plans, we recommend our article What to see in Milan on your own in 1 day. It already has ready-made ideas on how to better plan your time in the city.

Finally, in Milan it’s also very important to settle right. Since the city is quite large, it will allow you to spend less time and money on public transport. We have prepared for you two sets of hotels, which will be very useful, depending on your plans:

  • A selection of hotels in the heart of Milan's Duomo
  • A selection of hotels near the Milano Centrale station if you plan to actively explore the surroundings

About where you can go from Milan for 1 day, see the video below.

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Watch the video: High-speed Italo Train at Bologna Centrale Station (February 2020).


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