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Map of Italy Railways - train routes in Italy

One of the best ways to discover Italy is by train. Unlike some countries in Europe, Italy's rail service is organized like a clock, and therefore it can be a good alternative even for those travelers who are used to relying on a rented car.

Italy Railway System - It is very developed and less expensive than most railways in Europe. Perhaps someone will not agree and say that the only normal way to see Italy in its entirety is by car, but we guarantee that the Italian railways are enough to provide a full month of impressions with a visit to all the key points on the mainland. For example, only train from Turin to Venicepasses through a number of exceptional cities, including Milan, Verona and Padua.

Use Italy railway mapto plan your vacation. It shows the key Italian cities and the railway lines connecting them.

Map of Italy Railways

Darker colors on the map indicate high-speed train lines such as Eurostar and IC (intercity). Orange lines, in turn, show slower local routes.

For more detailed information on railway networks of Italy you should check out the Omio site of the former GoEuro, which contains information on railway connections not only in Italy, but throughout Europe as a whole. A distinctive feature of the site is that it contains data not only of the main railway operators, but also of smaller companies, whose tickets, as a rule, are significantly cheaper.

Italian railway travel and tickets

As we noted above, rail travel in Italyusually cost less than in other European countries. Most tourists who choose this mode of transportation often buy tickets from point to point. However, if you plan to travel a long distance or break your trip into several stages, then it may make sense to think about buying a pass - the so-called Inter Rail Italy Pass. You can get more information about him here.

It is also useful to pay attention to the InterRail Global Train Pass option if your travel goes beyond Italy and covers several European countries. Remember, however, that travel cards are designed for travelers who are ready for their active use, and may be completely unprofitable for one-time trips. It also always makes sense to clarify whether the travel card applies to residents of your country, as there are certain restrictions.

On the other hand, if you do not need a travel card, then, while in Italy, you can buy a train ticket directly at stations at ticket offices or special automated kiosks. Another thing is that such a purchase may be associated with a certain hassle. This is especially true for high-speed train tickets, where a seat reservation is often required.

In addition, on popular routes, it is not uncommon for all tickets to be purchased in advance, and for sale at the station either they are not available at all, or only the premium class is available, which costs much more. To better understand what you may encounter at the station, we recommend a short video below:

Because of all these points, many travelers prefer to have tickets in their pocket before setting off on a trip. One of the easiest ways to ensure the purchase of such tickets is through the Omio website, where you can check the schedule and buy tickets with automatic reservation of seats.

Useful articles about railways in Italy:

Watch the video: Taking the Train in Italy - Instructions (February 2020).


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