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How to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome and back

Ciampino Airport (official name: Giovanni Battista Pastine Airport, international code: CIA) is Rome's second largest airport, located 15 km southeast of the Italian capital. It was opened in 1916 and up to the 60s. of the last century was the only airport in the city with a passenger flow of more than 2 million people a year. Today BlogoItaliano will tell you about all the ways to get from the airport to the center of Rome.

After the opening of the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Ciampino reoriented to domestic and charter flights. A significant plus for Ciampino was the fact that he was “chosen” by the low-cost companies Ryanair, Wizz Air, EasyJet, which allow flying around Europe on a budget.

Ciampino - the Italian base of the low-cost company Ryanair

Cheap flights to Ciampino airport

Direct flights to Rome Ciampino airport from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and other major cities of the CIS at the time of writing this article does not exist. However, you can fly to your destination by transfer, for example, in Budapest, Chisinau or Vilnius: Ciampino daily receives many flights from all over Europe.

Finding flights to Rome at the best price is the easiest way through one of the major metasearch engines that simultaneously track flights and flights from hundreds of airlines. The form of one of these search engines is given below.

From Ciampino Airport to Rome by bus

The most economical way to get from Ciampino Airport to the center of Rome is a bus. Regular flights between Ciampino and Rome Termini Station are carried out once every 30-60 minutes from 8:15 a.m. to 00:15 a.m., and the price of a one-way trip starts from 4 Euros. Travel time from the airport to the train station in the city center takes about 40 minutes.

Buses from Ciampino Airport to Rome city center deliver in 40 minutes

Tickets can be purchased at the box office at the airport or on the official website of the carrier. As a rule, they cost a little more at the airport, so it makes sense to buy tickets in advance online. Also, there are frequent cases when there are simply no tickets at the place, since all seats on the bus were purchased through the Internet.

Tickets are sold online at specific departure times, but everyone understands that the airport is the place where everything happens. If the plane was delayed, you can leave for Rome on your ticket with the next flight. The main thing is to bring along a printout of a voucher issued immediately after payment.

In 2016, BlogoItaliano tested the service on its own, and at the same time recorded a detailed video instruction on how to book a bus ticket online:

To learn more about bus routes from Ciampino Airport to the center of Rome, as well as book tickets online, click here.

Train or subway

There is no direct railway connection between Ciampino Airport and Rome, you will have to do at least one change.

The nearest Anagnina metro station (orange line A) can be reached by Schiaffini and Cotral buses. The travel time in this case will be about 20 minutes, and the ticket will cost 1.2 euros (2018). True, you will have to pay no less for baggage if you have oversized carry-on baggage. Traveling in the Roman metro itself will cost at least 1.5 euros for a single trip.

Bus parking is located to the left of the exit of the arrivals hall

Bus tickets are purchased at kiosks at the exit of the arrivals area or directly on the bus from the driver.

The option to get from Rome to Ciampino airport by train is not the most convenient: you won’t be able to win much either in time or in money, and an extra transfer can only cause inconvenience.

Taxi from Ciampino Airport to Rome

Those arriving in Ciampino late at night, traveling with children or bulky luggage, can use a taxi.

Taxis to the center of Rome can be found in the parking lot to the right of the exit from the airport (see the diagram above) or book online for the arrival of your flight. Rates start from 30 euros and depend on many conditions, to which surcharges are added for the amount of baggage, travel at night, etc.

The option of ordering a car via the Internet may turn out to be more profitable not only because of the complicated tariff schedule: for many years, the city authorities have been fighting the attempts of taxi drivers to abuse the trust of passengers.

In case of ordering a car via the Internet, the fare is calculated in advance and is known to the passenger even before meeting with the taxi driver. In this way, additional cheat excluded. In addition, on the Internet, you can pre-book child seats in the meeting car: it will be much more difficult to find a car equipped with them on the spot.

The driver of the online service meets passengers at the exit from the baggage claim area. It is easy to identify him on the plate with the names of customers, but, just in case, all the details of the upcoming meeting are duplicated by e-mail to both parties.

Finally, the service also provides an option with a delay or cancellation of the flight: the taxi service independently monitors the airport board and sends the car on time.

You can find out the details of the service, calculate the fare of your trip or order a taxi by the time you arrive in Ciampino using this link.

Car hire at Ciampino Airport

As in other airports in Italy, it is not difficult to find a car rental office at Rome's Ciampino Airport, but you should be prepared for the fact that booking a car on the spot can be noticeably overpaid.

And the point is not only that it will be difficult to compare the conditions of several operators on the spot, and distributors themselves often “forget” to indicate “pitfalls” of services in their advertising materials (limited insurance coverage, daily run limit, etc.). As a rule, traveling Europeans plan to rent a car ahead of time, and all the most economical options in the season are booked several weeks, or even months before the trip.

It is much more profitable to pick up a car through one of the largest European car rental price comparison services (for example, Rentalcars). The database of such systems stores the actual data of thousands of car rentals, and you can find the most advantageous offer in a few minutes. In addition, the system brings all conditions to a single form, making it easy to verify the absence of hidden markups.

Booking the cheapest car at Rome Ciampino Airport for 10 days will cost a little over 16 euros per day. If you find a suitable car, do not pull with the reservation: prices in a popular city like Rome may change several times a day.

You can check the current conditions of car rentals and compare car prices for the desired dates using this link.

Airport Hotels

Most hotels near the airport are located in the same village of Ciampino.

Among the most comfortable accommodation options:

  • Sweet Home Ciampino is a bed and breakfast within walking distance of Ciampino Central Station and 4.5 km from the airport. The rooms are designed for 1-2 guests.
  • Casa Lollobrigida is a bed and breakfast for 2-3 guests near the Ciampino train station and a 5-minute drive from the airport.
  • Hotel Villa Giulia - the hotel is located in the center of Ciampino, near the train station. The rooms are designed for 1-4 guests, which allows accommodating not only individual travelers, but also families with children.
  • B&B Sedici A is another bed and breakfast located just a kilometer from Ciampino Airport. The cozy rooms have everything you need to accommodate two adults.

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Photos by: Aldo Bidini, Badudoy

Watch the video: Ciampino Airport to Rome City Center Guide - Travel Italy (February 2020).


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