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Naples climate and weather for months

One of the most unusual cities in the world - Naples - surprises with its geographical location. It’s no joke - to settle in the shadow of an active volcano! True, thanks in large part to this volcano, the climate in Naples is much milder than in some other regions of Italy, the soil is more fertile, and tourists are more and more. And yet, having arrived in this city, it is worth paying attention not only to the thermometer column, but also to Vesuvius: did not a suspicious smoke appear over its crater?

In general, the climate in Naples is much milder than in Rome, the winters are shorter and there are more sunny days. If the main purpose of the vacation is not the beach, then you can plan a trip to Naples any month of the year. In the off season will come even much cheaper.

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Naples Weather January

January in Naples, like throughout Italy, is a low season. But the reason here is not in rainy weather (up to 5 rainy days per month), and not in air temperature, which is just quite acceptable for the southern winter (not lower than 10 ° C).

Rather, the fact that the Christmas holidays had just made a noise, and even the inveterate travelers decided to return to work for a while. Unless they were attracted to the Naples winter sales beginning in Naples.

Weather in Naples in January offers no surprises

In the morning, fogs are frequent in the city and its environs, and in the afternoon it can be cloudy. The temperature in January during the daytime is + 11 + 13 ° C, sometimes it reaches + 15 + 17 ° C, at night it is not lower than + 6 + 8 ° C. In general, the weather in Naples in January does not suggest surprises: the rain does not turn into rain, the wind is moderate, sunny days - at least 15 per month.

February weather

February is the coldest month of the year. Despite the fact that there are no rainy days more than in January, a rather strong wind can blow from the sea, and the intensity of precipitation is higher. From time to time Naples weather in February can be unpredictable, so going out without an umbrella is not recommended.

The temperature in February is also not always predicted: during the day it can be from +7 to + 15 ° C. It is very cool at night, although usually the thermometer does not fall below + 3 + 5 ° C. Humidity is still high, from 80%.

March temperature

Weather in Naples in March indicates the approach of a real spring. Although the wind is still quite strong, and it rains on average 2 days a week, the sun is increasingly peeping out from behind the clouds, and completely clear days are no longer rare, especially towards the end of the month. However, heavy fog is possible in the morning.

March in Naples is a rather moody month

Nevertheless, according to weather forecasters, March in Naples is a rather moody month. So, the temperature during the day can reach + 20 ° C, and can drop to + 7 ° C. But even at night, the thermometer does not drop to zero.

April weather

For sightseeing or aimless walks in the city there is no better month than April. There are fewer rainy days, almost no wind. The temperature during the day can reach + 22 + 24 ° C, gradually increasing towards the end of the month.

For night promenades, the time is still not very suitable - a fresh breeze blows from the sea, and the thermometer can drop to + 12 + 14 ° C.

That is why in the luggage of a traveler who was seduced by a flourishing city, there must be a windbreaker and a warm sweater. An umbrella is also necessary: ​​the weather in Naples in April, especially at the beginning of the month, can change several times a day.

May weather

The sun is shining almost all May in Naples, and some daredevils are already trying to swim, traveling from the city on the Amalfi coast or to Capri, or trying water on one of the local beaches if its temperature is not lower than 18-20 ° C.

The beach season in Ischia opens this month. If you are not lucky with the weather, you can always soak up the thermal springs on this island.

In May Naples already shines with might and main

The temperature during the day can rise to + 26 ° C, at night it is still cool - no higher than + 16 + 18 ° C. Sometimes the weather in Naples in May may surprise you in the form of a strong short-term rainfall, but the air humidity gradually decreases by the end of the month - up to 70%.

June weather

The temperature in June begins to approach peak levels: during the day - up to + 30 ° C, at night - no lower than + 20 ° C, starting from the middle of the month. The weather in Naples in June pleases with its constancy.

So, although the air humidity due to its geographical location is still not lower than 70%, and in the morning it may seem that the day promises to be cloudy, the probability of rain is not high. Moreover, June in Naples is almost always sunny - up to 28 days per month.

On the beaches in the city and in the vicinity of the city there is literally nowhere to fall an apple: the high season begins. The weather is quite favorable for swimming: there is no wind, sea unrest, and the water temperature is not lower than 23 ° C.

July weather

The weather in Naples in July may seem too hot due to high humidity. Winds blowing from the south only aggravate the situation, and in the afternoon in the midst of summer the city begins to resemble a large red-hot plate.

Due to the high humidity, the weather in July is quite hot

July is not the best choice for long walks: in the afternoon, the thermometer can reach 35 ° C. If you go on excursions, then in the morning, when the weather is still quite tolerable for those who are not used to the hot Italian sun.

The water temperature is from 25 ° C, and by the end of the month it becomes 1-2 ° C higher, but it is better to go to the beach early too: in the morning or in the late afternoon.

At night, when the temperature is not lower than 22 ° C, it’s worth ... visit Vesuvius: since 2013 the ban on night visits to the volcano has been lifted. The trip is organized under the auspices of the city authorities. The main thing is to arm yourself with a flashlight, put on light clothes and bring sports shoes with you.

Weather in August

The whole of August in Naples is hot. But, despite the heat, the high season is also in full swing: to book a hotel room for this month should be back in the spring. The temperature during the day can exceed + 35 + 37 ° C. At night, of course, it is cooler, but not much - about + 25 ° C.

The weather in Naples in August is calm, it is not worth the rain. Moreover, according to the observations of meteorologists, in recent years there are no cloudy or even cloudy days in the region in August.

Water temperature can reach 28 ° C, but by the end of the month it begins to gradually decrease. In general, August is only suitable for relaxing in the surrounding resorts, and not for visiting attractions.

Weather in September

The closer to the end of the month, the weather becomes more favorable for vacationers: the velvet season comes into its own. The temperature gradually decreases from + 35 ° C to + 28 + 30 ° C during the day, at night the thermometer does not fall below + 20 + 22 ° C. Water gets a little cooler - up to 24 ° C.

In September, the velvet season comes into its own

There are few rainy days, not more than 3 per month, and almost all of September the sun shines in Naples. By the end of the month, the sea may begin to storm a little, although the wind is still quite weak and the weather does not change sharply.

October weather

In recent years, October in the capital of Campania is also a month of floods that can ruin a vacation during the velvet season. And even if the weather in October is clear, the sea can be restless.

At the same time, the temperature begins to decrease only somewhere from the middle of the month: from + 28 ° C to + 20 + 22 ° C during the day, from + 22 ° C to + 16 + 18 ° C at night. You can still swim: the water warms up to 22-24 ° C. If the weather in Naples in October at first glance does not promise any problems for a beach holiday, just in case, plan a few additional excursions.

Weather in November

The vacation planned in November in Naples is a contemplative vacation, one of the best periods for visiting museums and walking around the city. The weather is mostly clear, although at least once or twice a week it can rain heavily.

In mid-November in Naples, the wind begins to intensify

In the middle of the month, the wind begins to intensify, so that even the desperate daredevils, seduced by the relatively warm sea (22 ° C at the beginning of the month), refuse water procedures. The temperature in Naples in November during the day is within + 18 + 22 ° C, at night it is not lower than + 15 ° C.

Weather in December

December in Naples is wet and foggy. It rains more often, 1-2 times a week. Clear days are getting smaller - no more than 17 per month.

According to observations, the weather in Naples in December is quite windy and, in general, unstable. So, during the week the temperature may, having decreased to + 10 ° C during the day and to + 3 ° C at night, may again rise to + 16 ° C and + 12 ° C, respectively.

Photos by: N i c o l a, Adam Williams, Nic McPhee, Tyrone Homes, karusel, Andrewsaurusrex, Orlando Jose de Castro Junior.



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