Hemp caused a split in the Italian parliament

Legalization of marijuana: to be or not to be?

A bold bill was introduced by Luigi Manconi (Democratic Party of Italy). League reaction: “Now let's prostitution as well”

Some say that this is the way to legalize hard drugs. Others are convinced that hemp is no more harmful to health than alcohol or cigarettes. At the same time, scientists are divided into those who study the harmful effects of the use of hemp products, and active supporters of the therapeutic effects of the plant. Cannabis regularly becomes the center of global discussion, but over the years of its study, experts have not come to a consensus.


A heated debate was sparked by Democratic senator Luigi Marconi, president of the parliamentary human rights commission, who introduced a bill regarding the cultivation and sale of cannabis and its derivatives.

The document assumes that there is no punishment for growing marijuana for one’s own consumption and selling cannabis products in small quantities and also only for one’s own use.

Moreover, the project provides for the restoration of differences in the applied sanctions against distributors of light and hard drugs. With a reduction in the punishment for the former, up to the complete abolition of administrative measures against consumers of cannabis products. “Thus,” Manconi said, “it will be possible to establish a clear line between the legal use of relatively harmless substances (at least not more harmful than tobacco or alcohol) and serious drug trafficking.”

Government shakes the air for nothing

The secretary of the North League, Matteo Salvini, expressed his protest: "You can discuss anything. But if in 2014 the League takes up the legalization of something, it will be more like prostitution, but certainly not hemp!". After that, Salvini added: “The League is fighting to maintain jobs, reduce taxes and help families. We will leave senseless debates to the government, which can only shake the air.”


Hemp, widely distributed today among young people (it is used by almost every fifth), was at the epicenter of political debate.

Moreover, it is far from harmless and causes numerous negative consequences in the body. Here's what you can read in the document, Our Health, published on the website of the Ministry of Health, in the paragraph on drugs:

"It is often considered a harmless drug. But hemp products (marijuana and hashish) have a wide range of negative effects. First of all, they disrupt the respiratory system and immunity, weakening the human body and making it more susceptible to aggressive external influences. They also increase the likelihood of heart attacks. (tachycardia) and headache. "

Moreover, experts from the ministry emphasize: "These substances affect memory and ability to concentrate, worsen coordination and speed of reaction. Use in large doses can cause paranoia and persecution mania. Using cannabis over a long period can lead to the so-called" syndrome motivation "- a disorder characterized by diffusion, apathy, decreased activity, inability to cope with emerging problems, and a deterioration in communication skills."

Watch the video: Albania. Wikipedia audio article (February 2020).


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