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How to survive the summer heat in sultry Italy

In summer, the heat in Italy, especially in August, is simply unbearable, and the air temperature stably keeps about 30 degrees. Many tourists in winter purchased tickets and trips to the country of wine and sun. How can a person unaccustomed to such a climate escape from the scorching sun? We have prepared for you ten tips that are sure to facilitate your vacation in the sultry Italy.

Drink wine

Despite the fact that the well-known stereotype says that drinking alcohol in the heat is unacceptable, the inhabitants of Sicily have long denied this advice. They often drink Palari Faro (Palari Faro), red wine, which, according to local residents, helps to keep a fresh head during an unbearable heat.

Put a bottle of cold water in bed

Remember how in childhood on cold winter evenings you warmed up under a blanket, hugging a bottle of hot water. Use the same method for cooling! Going to bed, type in a suitable container of cold water and put it in your bed. Done! All night coolness is provided to you.

Visit Ice Club

Going to Rome, you confidently put sweatshirts out of a suitcase? Do not rush with this. You can visit the local Ice Club in the Eternal City, where at a temperature of 5 degrees you can quickly cool off after an excursion under the scorching sun. Nevertheless, free cocktails with vodka will quickly raise your body temperature.

Take a thermometer

So, you are stuck in a huge traffic jam, and you have nothing left to do but to watch the divisions growing upwards on the thermometer? Distract yourself. Before you finally melt in the sun, take a photo of the thermometer and upload it to Facebook or Instagram, do not forget to put the hashtag # in the name for me. Let all your friends see you relaxing abroad. No matter how, but enduring the Italian heat is better than exposing the face to a fan in the office.

Go to the mountains

Travel the coolest parts of Italy. You can head to the alpine valley near Aosta, the coldest place in the country. In August, the temperature here averages 25 degrees above zero, so you can get a lot of pleasure walking along the mountain paths without fear of getting a sunstroke. You might even meet one of the players of the Juventus football club, whose team often comes here for training.

Dine with friends

Do you have air conditioning in your room? No problem. If you are traveling with a company or you have friends in the city, go visit those who have it. What could be nicer than an Italian dinner for a pleasant conversation in a cool place? Moreover, with all this, you will not have to pay the electricity bill.

Drink from fountains

Have you spent a ton of money on bottled water? Give up this habit and look for a nearby fountain with drinking water. They are in every city. So you save on the purchase of drinking and, perhaps, better explore the city.

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Go shopping

We often use this method at home, but why is it bad abroad? Tired of the unbearable heat, go for a couple of minutes to a nearby boutique or store that has air conditioning. Who knows, maybe during this short shopping break you will be able to make a bargain?

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More gelato

Quench your thirst during a siesta. Fortunately, the streets of Italy are full of shops selling cool cocktails. Try real Italian gelato ice cream and granita dessert.

Do not open the windows

And finally, advice that tourists often neglect. Almost all hotels and guest houses in Italy are provided with special blinds and shutters that help maintain a low room temperature. Do not open windows and curtains: your room will warm up, and soon there will be nothing to breathe. But if you omit all the blinds, in the evening you will be more than pleased to be in a cool hotel room.

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