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Review of fish restaurant in Rome Fish Market

Finding a good fish restaurant in Rome is not an easy task. After 4 years of living in the Eternal City, I still could not find a place worthy of feedback, as well as recommendations on our website.

And so, on the advice of my colleague and one of the best guides in Rome, Vladislav Doro, Yana and I finally got to the Fish Market restaurant.

Menu, interior, prices

The interior of the restaurant is quite ascetic, but nice. The tables are at a sufficient distance from each other for Italy - we were comfortable here.

Since the name of the restaurant literally translates as "Fish Market", it is natural that in the menu you will find only seafood.

The order is carried out in a very unusual way - in the menu you put the numbers opposite the dishes you want. Then go to the cashier, pay. Wait for the order no more than 10 minutes. Of the wines there is both excellent prosecco for 25 euros / bottle, and ordinary house wine 8 euros / 0.5 liters. Beer at 5-6 euros / bottle.

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For money, count on an account of about 30-40 euros per person, you can, of course, save on wine and the number of dishes, but then the point of visiting the restaurant is lost.

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Dishes and impressions

We chose a large plate (Gran Plateau) for 2 persons for 30 euros. All marine bastards are fresh, raw and tasty.

Salmon fillet (Filetto di Salmone al vapore) for 13 euros - perfectly fried, as it should.

A mix of seafood in batter for 12 euros - everything is delicious.

Then I still could not resist ordered a burger with salmon (Burger Salmone) for 12 euros. The loaf is a little dry, but the salmon decides.

Since I am not a super expert in fish restaurants, I liked everything. Great quality place to spend an evening in the company of friends. The waiters are friendly, everything is prompt. The restaurant has a lot of local Italians, even more than tourists, and this indicates recognition and quality cuisine.

Important update: since 2018, the restaurant, unfortunately, is closed forever

How to get from book a table

  • Address: Vicolo della Luce, 2, Trastevere
  • Official site:
  • Instagram: @fishmarket_roma
  • Phone for reservations: +39 366 914 4157

The restaurant is hidden in the alleys of my favorite area of ​​Trastevere so don’t be too lazy to study the map first. I advise you to book a table at least one day, especially from Thursday to Sunday, but you can take a chance and come just like that.

We invite all lovers of delicious food to our signature gastronomic programs in Italy.

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