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Why is there no Starbucks in Italy?

When Govard Shultz became President of Starbucks Corporation in 1987, the company was exclusively selling coffee beans, and the number of its stores in the United States barely reached several tens. After less than 20 years, Starbucks is one of the most popular American brands.

To date, Starbucks has 12,000 stores worldwide, 140,000 employees, and $ 27 million in equity.

Taking into account the dizzying success of Schultz, as well as the fact that the company managed to identify itself in the markets of different countries (including Western Europe, China, Russia and many others), the question arises: "And why in Italy there are no Starbucks chain stores?".

Italian espresso culture

A significant event in the history of Starbucks was the visit of its head Schultz to Italy, which took place in the mid-1980s. Schulz was delighted and amazed at the amazing atmosphere that hung in the espresso bars. The visitors chatted with each other, as if they were tied up by many years of friendship, the barista did not leave a smile, and the waiters knew by the name of each guest. Such establishments, which were something more than a bar, were an excellent platform for communication between people. Schultz compared this feeling to visiting the theater and was absolutely sure that he could recreate such an atmosphere in the United States.

Of course, Schultz failed to fully convey the special spirit of the Italian espresso bar, but he slightly changed it, adjusting it to the American public. Despite the fact that all this was tied to Italian culture, in Italy there is still not a single store of a popular coffee shop chain.

It is safe to say that Italians, who are experts in "coffee" traditions, do not find in Starbucks the very sacrament to which they are so accustomed to in local institutions. Residents of the land of wine and sun hate coffee in plastic cups. Why? They can’t even imagine how you can drink the drink of the gods on the go or behind the wheel, and not in a cozy bar.

What are the risks of Starbucks opening stores in Italy?

A popular company may try to enter the Italian market, but this is only possible if the customers' approach to the Starbucks network is changed. Managers and marketers have a difficult task: to convince true connoisseurs that you can also find great coffee in Starbucks coffee houses!

However, Schultz and his brainchild are in no hurry to develop Italian land. And this is no wonder: the chances of success of this business are much less than its failure. Even if they succeed, Starbucks will have to significantly increase their turnover: no matter how, the people of Italy drink a lot of coffee. And in case of failure, the company will not only incur huge losses, but it will also significantly damage its image and reputation.

Schulz’s entire idea of ​​Starbucks was based on Italian coffee tradition. The Italian giant coffee owes such success not only to the popularity of this drink, but also to the amazing atmosphere in its coffee houses. If you order a cappuccino at Starbucks, it’s more than just a cup of coffee and milk. No, you will get a little Florence in your cup, a little Rome, which will fundamentally change your feelings and allow you to feel special.

Opening Starbucks in Italy

In January 2014, the Italian media literally “exploded” with the news that the famous brand plans to develop the local coffee market as early as 2014. The list of cities where the first Starbucks coffee houses will open includes Milan, Rome, Venice, Rimini, Turin, Cagliari, Trento, Palermo and Aosta. However, Italians cannot yet discuss the coffee offered by a successful brand: Starbucks has never opened a single store despite its grandiose plans.

"We are going to open new coffee houses in four countries - Italy, Germany, France and Spain in the very near future," the brand promises.

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Watch the video: Inside Italys Only Starbucks (February 2020).


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