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Adriano Celentano

The creative career of the world famous Italian Adriano Celentano is rich and diverse. In a talented idol of women, a charismatic appearance is combined with an expressive character.

The singer’s low, hoarse voice is complemented by the actor’s ability to give a unique characterization of any role played. Directing and screenwriting, film editing, the work of a TV presenter reveal the extraordinary abilities and temperament of a hot Italian. In 2019, his beloved actor turned 81 years old.

Milestones in Biography

Juditha and Leotino Celentano, Adriano's parents, moved to the northern capital of Italy from northeastern Apulia. After 20 years in Milan on Via Gluck of the working quarter on January 6, 1938, they had the future sex symbol of Italy and the whole world.

The newborn was small and weak, the parents were not sure that he would survive and did not even prepare a crib.

When the baby screamed, a diaper was cut from men's shirts and a bed made of improvised materials was made. The sensitivity and emotionality of nature manifested itself in Adriano due to the fact that he was overly loved in his own family and surrounded by incessant care.

Judith at that time was 44 years old and she had already raised 4 children, each of whom had the ability and love for music. Unlike brothers, sisters and parents, Adriano considered only watchmaking to be a worthy occupation. His uncle kept a watch workshop, where the boy got a job as an apprentice at the age of 12, leaving school.

How it all started

The mother of the future star, hoping to instill a love for music for her youngest son, every morning included a rock and roll record before he left for work. In order for her son to wake up on time, she gradually turned up the volume and called to the boy: “Adriano, it's already eight o'clock!”, Voicing every past five minutes. Every morning for breakfast, the boy drank a cup of coffee with a slice of butter, eating a bun dipped in olive oil.

The habit of drinking coffee and butter still surprises many restaurant waiters who visit the Italian.

Once Adriano came up with the idea to make a parody of the singer Louis Prima and show relatives in the studio. The performance turned out so successful that the watchmaker’s apprentice, inspired by success, at the age of 16 began to compose his own songs. At age 17, the young man won the doubles competition, portraying Jerry Lewis and won one hundred thousand lire. The concert was amateur, the sister took some photos and sent them to the jury, where they were appreciated.

Rock and roll was a fashion trend at that time among the working youth of Milan, music groups were organized everywhere. Adriano with a friend Mikel, following fashion trends, also created a musical group and called Rock Boys.

On May 18, 1957, the first festival in Italy dedicated to rock and roll was held at the Giaccio Sports Palace in Milan. Since the preparation time was limited, all groups performed already known compositions and only the Rock Boys presented their own song, which was called “I Will Tell You Chao” (Ciao ti dirò). The success was incredible, the composition led the charts, the festival opened the way for Adriano to the world of big music and cinema.

Actor career

Numerous victories at music competitions gave the singer and composer crowds of fans. His works were in the top of the charts in the 60s, they were translated into other languages ​​of the world and listened with bated breath. Today, the singer has recorded 42 albums of his songs of Italian performance, replicated in millions of copies.

In 1959, the fashionable performer was given a role in the comedy, which began his career in the movie. The first picture "Guys and a jukebox" and subsequent paintings of the 70s. made Celentano the most sought after actor in Italy. Subsequently, viewers saw 41 films created with his participation, in 4 of them the actor acted as a director.

The best films with Celentano are time-tested, these are the masterpieces of Italian comedy, accepted by viewers around the world.

Popularity growth

  • In 1960, the first agreement was signed with the recording company "Jolly" from Germanywho recorded his album. At the end of the first recording, the performer was called up for service.
  • In 1961, Adriano also participated in the San Remo Festivalwhere he was awarded second place. To do this, it was necessary to seek the consent of the Minister of Defense. The work "42,000 kisses" was another hit. Inspired by the victory, he annulled the agreement with Jolly and organized his own recording studio, calling it Clan Celentano.
  • In 1962, an album was recorded in his own studio and Adriano again won a prize in Cantagiro with the song "You are far from me." Then there was the first tour in France and the recording of a television show in Spain.
  • In 1964, Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori (actress) were married.

    The couple met at the filming of "Some strange type." Adriano, despite the crowds of fans and many temptations, lived with his wife for more than 40 years, raising three children. It was the wife who constantly fueled public interest in her husband, making him a real macho and womanizer. Claudia serves as Executive Director at Clan Celentano.
  • Until the early 80's. career handsome Italian has reached the heights of show business. His songs are known worldwide today, films with his participation have become classics of the genre.

At the peak of fame

In the second half of the 80s. A. Celentano ceases acting, but continues to be in demand. From the late 80s to the mid-2000s he has his own programs: Fantastico, Francamente me ne infischio, Rockpolitik, where he covers the most pressing and relevant issues of politics and social life. The ratings of the programs invariably showed constant growth.

In 1987, Celentano and Claudia visited the Soviet Union (USSR), where the premiere of the painting "Joan Lui" took place.

Thanks to the huge fees from creative activity, the couple lead a fairly prosperous lifestyle in the estate near Milan.

Adriano still receives many offers from Europe with invitations to private parties, which he can afford to refuse. Do not put all the money in your pocket, and besides Celentano is afraid to fly on airplanes. However, in 2009 he was persuaded to speak in Ukraine for an amount with 6 zeros in dollars, where he was delivered in a separate train car.


Since 1959. Celentano starred in 41 films in major and minor roles. In six of them, he played himself, edited and was the composer of three of them, wrote the script and was the director of four. Celentano films are mainly of the comedy genre.

He played himself in:

  • “Guys and a jukebox” (1959);
  • “Come on, Johnny, come on!” (1959);
  • "Screamers before the court" (1960);
  • “The jukebox screams for love” (1960);
  • “Sweet Life” (1960);
  • “Some strange type” (1963).

Directed by:

  • "Super Robbery in Milan" (1965);
  • "Juppidou" (1974, the film starred Celentano himself, his wife and children);
  • The Madman of Jeppo (1978);
  • "Joan Lui" (1985).

In addition, for the last three films, he wrote script and music, was engaged in their editing.

Adriano also wrote the script for Jackpot (1992).

In the pictures:

  • “Hey, let's twist” ('61);
  • “I kiss ... you kiss” ('61);
  • “The Monk of Monza” ('63);
  • “Europe sings” ('66);
  • “The most beautiful couple in the world” ('68);
  • “Stories of love and knives” ('71);
  • “White, Red and ...” ('72);
  • Emigrant ('73);
  • The Rugantine ('73);
  • Five Days ('73);
  • “Under some sign” ('75);
  • The Noble Venetian, nicknamed the Striped Ass ('76);
  • "Bluff" ('76);
  • The Unlucky Paparazzi ('77);
  • “Save, she loves me!” ('77);
  • "Uncle Adolf, nicknamed the Fuhrer" ('78);
  • Velvet Handles ('79);
  • The Mistress of the Hotel ('80);
  • “Behold the Hand” ('80);
  • Saturday, Sunday, and Friday ('80);
  • The Taming of the Shrew ('80);
  • Madly in Love ('80);
  • The Ace ('81);
  • Bingo Bongo ('82);
  • Grand Hotel Excelsior ('82);
  • “Irresistible handsome” ('83);
  • “Sing Singe” ('83);
  • “He is worse than me” ('84);
  • Grumbler ('86)

The actor played the role of a diverse nature. He was both a singer and a monk and a woman-hater and a bus driver in love, and even a monkey man. But, no matter what social status his heroes occupied, they were always distinguished by kindness, freedom, openness.

Top movies

The best films from Celentano today continue to delight the viewer, jokes do not lose their relevance, and the characters' characters delight. With the film "Serafino" began a real acting career, but Adriano did not pass the first tests, not satisfying the requirements of the director Pietro Germi. The appearance of the actor reminded him of a gangster, but it was necessary to create the image of a merry fellow and a joker. At the second audition, Celentano showed himself from a completely different perspective. The picture was shot about a kind village guy who, by the will of fate, becomes involved in family squabbles on the division of inheritance.


The film "Bluff" - another bewitching picture with the participation of a talented Italian. It will be interesting to all lovers of the gangster genre. The plot is full of card tricks (director magician Tony Binarelli), mafia adventures, humor, winged jokes. In the Soviet box office, more than 20 scenes were cut from the film.

The Taming of the Shrew

The name of the painting "The Taming of the Shrew"Borrowed from Shakespeare. Ornella Muti (urban beauty) accidentally ends up in the home of an inexperienced single farmer.

The girl's goal is to seduce a convinced bachelor and woman-hater. Despite contempt for the female sex, the farmer is kind to his animals and sincerely loves nature.

Love struck

The legendary comedy "Love struck"Tells the story of sincerity, kindness, devotion.Ornella Muti here in the role of the princess of a small state, the bus driver falls in love with her. To overcome financial inequality, a young man is helped by all the inhabitants of Rome. On the set of the film, the street in Rome was completely strewn with specially printed ten thousand lira banknotes.


In the movie "Ace" to the delight of lovers of the Soviet automobile industry, scenes with the Dnepr motorcycle of the Kiev factory were shot. The comedy shows all the power of love of a brilliant card player who supports his wife even after death. A little mysticism during the appearance of the ghost of a murdered husband gives the film tension and piquancy. The popularity of the film helped Celentano raise a large sum of money to donate to cancer patients.

Bingo bongo

Bingo Bongo is a film of incredible credibility. The monkey man, brought from the jungle for research purposes, is wild, comical, silent and constantly itchy.

When viewing a picture, according to unofficial data, viewers also begin to itch. The comedy has everything for an exciting plot: humor, love for a beautiful girl biologist, environmental pollution problems and even the pacification of King Kong.

Special features: irresistible handsome

“Special Signs: An Irresistible Handsome” is another mega-popular comedy with A. Celentano. The main character is a writer and a handsome man who loves women, but is not going to get married. All attempts by the ladies to bring him down the aisle are thwarted by his neighbor Michael, whom Lovelace asked to portray his daughter.

Catch phrases

The Taming of the Shrew:

If you recallphrases of Adriano Celentano their filmsthen this picture can be quoted. What is only one promise Adriano must marry Ornella, well, or, in extreme cases, call her. And when she, trying to understand the behavior of a bachelor, actually asks if he is such, or pretends to be, the hero of Celentano answers that he is such, just pretends. Spectators, from the very beginning of the film, wishing good luck to the heroine of Ornella, hope for her success. Quite unexpectedly, the farmer’s suggestion that she would stay with him the first time and go home in the morning.

Love struck:

The charming bus driver is not stopped by either social or financial barriers during the conquest of the beautiful princess. The young man absolutely seriously declares that she is beautiful, and he is much more beautiful than surprising and attracting a girl. The phrase that in 20 years she will be 40, but somehow he will survive it, with humor shows the heroine of Ornella the seriousness of the groom's intentions. The willingness to compromise among young people can be traced when the princess agrees to his proposal if one condition is met. To which the driver replies that he does not accept any conditions and immediately asks “With what?”

Bingo Bongo:

Portraying the jealous lover of a biologist girl, Bingo Bongo, asks her annoying guest what he is doing here. To which he replies: "Nothing." A. Celentano offers him to go do nothing else.

Grand Hotel Excelsior:

The seemingly soulless hotel owner is struggling to resist the claims of a beautiful, sweet guest. He tells her not to believe, if someone will tell all kinds of horrors about him, that he is even worse.


Ace, the hero of Celentano, a poker player. He promises his beloved to change her lifestyle. However, he does not have time to fulfill his promise; the killer kills him. In one of the dialogs, Adriano says that he makes an appointment after three thousand years, at exactly eight.

Special features: handsome:

Mattia, a successful writer, a hero-lover and an adversary of marriage, determines that a car is a vehicle for paralytics.

Most Popular Songs


With the light hand of motherAdriano Celentano Songs and perceived music as his second "I". A lot of compositions written by him became hits, the musician felt what the listener needed and gave it. In 1968, the Una carezza in un pugno album featured a musical work by Azzurro (Sineva). Italy's soccer fans made it their national anthem at the 2006 World Cup. Fans were attracted by the consonance of the names of the song and their society "gli azzurri" (blue).


In the 70s. Adriano presents an unusual song Prisencolinensinainciusol, which is built on fictional words. It was a rap experiment and was read by recitative. Leading the charts in America and Europe, the single becomes a symbol of the disunity of people who do not understand each other.


“Confessa” became one of the most famous compositions in Russia in 2002. She opened the album “Per sempre”, later a video was made about the story of the unequal love of an adult man for a young girl. The clip has collected more than 7 million views on YouTube.

In 2012, A. Celentano presented the second version of this clip on his official channel. Despite the popularity of the track, the performer does not select it and does not include it in collections.


Famoussong Adriano Celentano "L'italiano" - "The Italian" (lashate mi cantare), although it was not included in Celentano's collections, it was written for him. Adriano initially refused to perform the composition, but subsequently represented it many times at his concerts.

The song entered the collection of Toto Cutugno and took fifth place at the 33rd San Remo Festival.

Non so più cosa fare

From contemporary art stands out the musical work "Non so più cosa fare", in the collection Facciamo finta che sia vero. The clip is mounted on the composition, the first time presented in the program "Time". The song includes sound recording from the Adriano TV show.

Where to listen to all albums and songs online?

  • You can listen to all albums and songs of Adriano Celentano for free on the Yandex.Music service. Free listening is available only to users
    from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Significant concerts

1987, Moscow

Celentano visited the Soviet Union in 1987. The singer gives only 2 concerts in the Olimpiysky Sports Complex. It was beautiful, intense and long-awaited by fans.Celentano concert in Moscow. Performances were preceded by an 8-year stage break.

2012, Arena di Verona

A significant gift for fans wasCelentano concert in the amphitheater Arena di Verona after an 18-year hiatus in 2012. Broadcasts on Channel 5 gathered more than 9 million viewers from TV screens. Old and new compositions were performed, the concert was held live with stage decoration with chic decorations and a light show.

Currently, the concert activity is not interested in the Italian showman, and the only double of the singer, Maurizio Cattelana, travels around the world with his songs.

Family and personal life

A. Celentano lived almost 50 years in marriage with his legal wife - Claudia Mori. Her talent as a leader and female wisdom helped the couple avoid possible partings and bankruptcy. Even a fleeting romance with Ornella Muti (early 80s) could not resist a strong alliance.

Celentano and Ornella at one time they rented an apartment together, but soon the hot macho returned to the bosom of the family, publicly asking forgiveness from his wife. In 1983, Adriano had another affair with actress Federica Moreau. TactfulClaudia Mori calmly survived this, not seeing in her husband’s hobbies a reason for divorce.

Children Celentano and Mori were born one after another. The first in 1965 was the daughter of Rosita. The child was talented and purposeful. Today it is a well-known Italian television and radio host, actress, is engaged in producing activities, sings, writes music. In 1966, the son of Giacomo was born, who later gave the parents of his grandson Samuel (born 2004). Giacomo is also an actor, sings and writes music, designs. In 1968, the daughter of Rosalind was born. In addition to the talent of the actress, singer and composer, the girl developed artistic abilities. She is painting.

Interesting Facts

  1. Adriano Celentano nowlives with his wife 100 km from Milan in his own villa of 20 rooms with a fountain and a statue of Claudia.
  2. Adriano Celentano's Growth 179 cm and he continues to maintain an optimal weight of 78 kg, is engaged in his favorite hobby - he repairs watches.
  3. Zealously rooting for Inter football teamfrom Milan in honor of the 100th anniversary of which he gave a concert in 2008
  4. The singer knows how to cook deliciously
  5. Adriano likes doing photography. His main hobbies are chess, tennis and billiards.
  6. Believed to be Catholic and vegetarian, repeatedly advocated for animal rights.
  7. Claudia Mori is the director of the family recording studio, she is a talented image maker and inventor of scandalous stories related to her husband. Spouses still love and support each other, lead a reclusive lifestyle, leaving only for presentations and concerts of their children.
  8. Celentano's January 6th birthday also coincides with actor Rowan Atkinson, Irina Shayk.

Watch the video: Adriano Celentano - Adriano Celentano Best Songs - Adriano Celentano Playlist (April 2020).


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