Caserta - Versailles of the Neapolitan Kings

Resting in Pozzuoli, near Naples, after a trip to the island of Ischia, we wanted to take a walk in the park. There is tension here with beautiful parks, but there is one place where a walking alley with fountains and waterfalls stretches for 3 km! A sort of Italian Versailles. Now I will tell about him.

We are in the background of the palace of Caserta

Resting in Pozzuoli, near Naples, after a trip to the island of Ischia, we wanted to take a walk in the park. There is tension here with beautiful parks, but there is one place where a walking alley with fountains and waterfalls stretches for 3 km! A sort of Italian Versailles. Now I will tell about him.

Caserta is located in southern Italy, 40 km north of Naples, on the edge of the Campania Valley. Caserta is the administrative center of the province of the same name - a developed industrial, agricultural and commercial city, a transport hub. About 80,000 people live here.

View of the city of Caserta

In the city center is the main attraction, a UNESCO site - the residence of Reggia di Caserta - the palace of the Neapolitan kings. The Royal Palace in Caserta is considered the largest building built in Europe in the 18th century.

The city itself is nothing interesting. On the road from Naples, one town smoothly flows into another. The views are completely unimpressive. But everything changes when you approach the palace!

How to get to Caserta?

The easiest way to go here is by train. From Naples, a train runs from Napoli Centrale about every 30 minutes, about € 10 to Caserta Station. Travel time 40 minutes.

From Rome, it makes no sense to go here, but suddenly you want to. The train runs from Termini Station. You need to go to the station Caserta. Travel time is 1 hour 10 minutes, and a ticket costs about € 35.

Hint from the reader Irina: In Italy, you can easily buy a cheap ticket in any direction. At good rates. The main thing is to buy in advance. Of course, many people buy right on the day of the trip, then, yes, a little expensive. But in advance from 9 euros from Rome to Caserta.

Huge underground parking in front of the palace

We scored a parking lot in the navigator right under the lawn in front of the palace. It was Sunday, 9 a.m. Parking was empty. It costs € 1 per hour. Not at all expensive by Italian standards.

Entrance to the palace

I don’t know why, but on this day the entrance to the park was free. The park is open from 8:30 to 19:00, in winter until 15:30.

Entrance fees:

  1. € 14. It includes historic apartments, a gallery, the Terrae Motus exhibition, a park and an English garden.
  2. € 10 only entrance to the park and the English garden.

Tuesday is a day off.

A bit about the palace

Caserta Palace from the park

Today, in Caserta, the royal chambers, an art gallery and a former court theater are open to visitors. The building has two expositions: the Territorial Museum and the Museum of Opera.

The most striking element of the palace’s furnishings is the marble front staircase of 116 steps. To the right of the stairs is the Palatine Chapel with a spectacular finish of colored marble and stucco; with the nadaltarnoy painting by Giuseppe Bonito "Immaculate Conception". On the left is a grand enfilade of halls.

Marble staircase

One after another, magnificent rooms follow: Halls of the Halberds and Bodyguards; Alexander's room with a fresco by Mariano Rossi. Next are the royal chambers - New and Old Apartments. Old apartments end with the Oval Hall; in the midst of the New ones is the Throne Hall - the largest and most impressive in the entire palace.

But we came to see the park! It was noon. It's time to take a walk.

Palace Park

The park is almost endless

The area of ​​the palace park is 120 hectares (it is the largest regular park in Italy with elements of a landscape garden). There is a water ground in front of the building; a cascade of fountains stretches for 3.5 km from it. From the palace to the end of the Grand Cascade can be reached by special minibus.

Want to have some fun in the park?

Too lazy to walk? Then for € 1 you will be taken to the cascade of waterfalls by bus. You can rent a bike for € 4 per hour. Not sure if you’ll ride uphill? Then take an electric bike for € 6 per hour. Want to ride the whole family? A rickshaw for € 13 per hour is at your service, but it’s hard to ride uphill. I advise on foot or an electric bike.

And here they ride a carriage - this is romance!



Just a bus

Park plan

Caserta Park Plan

Walk in the park

Family photo

I would divide the park into 3 parts:

  1. The park itself. Some lawns without flowers and some trees.
  2. Alley with fountains
  3. Climbing uphill along a cascade of waterfalls.

The first part of the park was not impressive. Exhausting heat, little shade.

Did you know?

Caserta Palace has repeatedly been in kind for filming. Star Wars episodes, Mission Impossible 3 and Angels and Demons films were filmed here.

The second part of the park


I am recording a report for you

Alley for running and walking

Modest fountain Margarita - 1 of 6 fountains

Delfini Fountain

Third Eolo Fountain

Cerere Fountain

Sculptures eat sea kale

Venere e Adone Fountain

The coolest fountain - Diana e Atteone

Fountain sculptures


History Page

The construction of the palace was begun in 1752, by order of the King of Naples and Sicily Charles VII (Carlos III of Bourbon). Built earlier on the coast in Portici, the summer royal residence was too vulnerable for attacks from the sea. In addition, its location did not allow to break near a full-blown park. The new palace had to surpass in magnitude and luxury the most significant European residences.

The work was entrusted to Luigi Vanvitelli. The architect took the grand palace of Versailles as the basis of the project. The task before Vanvitelli was difficult. Caserta was intended to become a "city in a city", to accommodate many royal apartments, a courtyard and government, all kinds of services. In total, 1200 different rooms were created. When the model of the future giant palace was presented to Charles VII, the monarch was delighted.

Aren't you tired yet? Let's continue ...

The rectangular palace complex, with external dimensions of 247 by 184 m, was oriented by facades to four cardinal points. Behind the outer wings hid four courtyards, separated by inner hulls forming a cross. Through the crossroads of these buildings, through passages and galleries were arranged for convenient passage to different parts of the palace. The work was completed in 1780 by the son of an architect - Carlo Vanvitelli.

English garden

The English garden is allowed on schedule. About once an hour or a half. By 11 o’clock we almost had time, and on the way back we were 5 minutes late. Therefore, did not get there.

English Garden in Caserta

English Garden Plan

Few cats

Spotted kitty

Sleeping kote

Part 3 - cascades of waterfalls

The last part is the most exciting. A steep winding staircase leads us to the farthest and highest point of the park. At the top begins a cascade of waterfalls. It offers panoramic city views. Being on top you don’t understand how you managed to overcome such a distance in the heat in one breath. Measured the height - 217 meters!

Did you know?

Where does the water come from on the mountain? Water in Caserta flows through the Vantinelli aqueduct. Streams run down the ledges of the hill to the mirror of the fountain of Diana and Actaeon.

We are on top

The road that goes into the distance


We spent € 11 on gasoline from Pozzuoli, € 5 on ice cream and € 5 on parking = € 21 for two :-)

Caserta is a good place to escape from the dirty Naples, relax from the sea or stretch out after a week of doing nothing on the beach. The park should be allocated all day. In the very heat you can cool off in the cool halls of the palace and watch an excellent collection of paintings.

Alternatively, you can come here from Rome overnight. Take a look at booking hotels in the city. And the next day, go to Ischia Island, by the way read my report on the island here.

What do you think of this park? Have you been there? What did I miss important? Write in the comments below.

Watch the video: Italy, Royal Palace of Caserta - UNESCO World Heritage Site (December 2019).


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