Rome Ciampino Airport

Rome Ciampino Airport is small but very economical. The low-cost airline Ryanair is based here. Wizzair and EasyJet also fly here.

Rome Ciampino Airport (Aeroporto di Roma-Ciampino), photo by Jens-Olaf Walter

Airport Rome-Ciampino (Aeroporto di Roma-Ciampino), or in another way - the airport. Giovanni Battista Pastine Airport, located in the Lazio region of Ciampino. It exists since 1916. The airport is 15 km southeast of the center of Rome. It is built off Via Appia Nuova, close to the Rome-L'Aquila, Rome-Naples motorways and the Roman Ring Road (GRA).

With the opening of the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Fiumicino, Ciampino Airport reoriented to domestic and charter flights. He currently serves low cost European airlines: EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air.

Rome airports

There are three airports in the capital of Italy:

  • Leonardo da Vinci International Airport (aka Fiumicino, Roma-Fiumicino) - the largest and most remote;
  • Ciampino or Giovanni Battista Pastine Airport - the second largest and most significant;
  • The city airport in the north of Rome between Via Salaria and the Tiber River, which accepts only charters, private jets, helicopters, is called Rome-Urbe (Aeroporto di Roma-Urbe).

Rome Ciampino Terminals

Scheme of the territory of the airport of Ciampino

There are two terminals at Rome Ciampino Airport:

  • the first - arrivals and departures for low-cost airlines and charters;
  • the second - for general aviation (private, aircraft, air taxi).

Services for passengers at Ciampino Airport

Airport building scheme

Interactive information systems are installed in the arrival and departure halls. There are branches of two banks, ATMs, an exchange office, a lost property office, a tourist information center in Rome, a room for mother and child. In the arrival arrivals hall there is Lost & Found - a baggage claim point. There are shops on the territory (there is Duty Free), many kiosks, bars, food outlets. Passengers are offered luggage trolleys, baggage packing service.

By prior request, for two days you can order special services for passengers with disabilities. Personal service is possible at the airport itself - special columns are installed for this, equipped with information video terminals. They are equipped with a doorphone type device and a button with a photosensor that emits an audio signal. In the airport building for disabled people created a barrier-free architectural environment.

For the visually impaired in the areas of pre-flight inspection and departure, as well as in all important points (information service, toilets, shops, food outlets, etc.), tactile guides are installed. At the airport there is a first-aid post and even a chapel.

There are no direct flights from Russia to Rome-Ciampino. With a change, you can fly with Ryanair and EasyJet.

In the departure area is located the item "Tax refund" (Tax-free Shopping) for tax refund.

For those who use air taxi or private jets, the terminal has a VIP-hall with individual services, a multifunctional conference room.

There is no transit zone at the airport.

Baggage claim, photo Università Telematica Pegaso

How to get from Rome Ciampino to Termini Station

  • Take the Cotral / Sitbusshuttle bus to Ciampino Citta Train Station. It will take you about 5 minutes, the interval between buses is 30 minutes, tickets can be bought for 1 euro on a bus. Trains run from the station in the direction of Roma Termini every 15 minutes. from 06.00 to 23.00. The fare is 1.30 euros, travel time is 15 minutes. (see the schedule at You can buy tickets at the box office, as well as at a tobacco / newsstand.
  • Buses Terravision ltd, BusShuttle and Schiaffini, which go directly to the main Roman station Termini. Ticket price € 5.

Bus parking is located on the left side of the parking lot.

Terravision buses, photo BMB15

How to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome

  • The airport has direct connections to Rome with Cotral and Sitbusshuttle buses (40 minutes);
  • by train from Ciampino station to Termini. The trains depart every 15 minutes.
  • Terravision shuttles depart from the terminals, delivering to the center of Rome, to Roma Termini Station.
  • Transfer, order, for example, in termini "> Kiwitaxi.
  • By taxi; parking is located to the right of the exit from the airport. Approximate trip time - 30 min., Cost € 30.
  • You can rent a car (a Russian driver license is suitable for registration), the offices are located at the entrance to the airport, on Via Mameli, in the parking lots P6 and P8.

Hotels near Ciampino Airport

Here are some good hotels near the airport:

Watch the video: Ciampino Airport to Termini Rome City Center 2018. ITALY TRAVEL GUIDE (April 2020).


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