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Italian pizza: what you need to know about the most popular food on the Apennines

Perhaps there is no such tourist who, having arrived for the first time on the Apennines, would not have tasted the famous Italian pizza. Pizza in Italy is no longer just one of the local dishes - it is a brand with its own attributes, characteristics and philosophy. And therefore, eating pizza, as a rule, is included in the mandatory program, along with a visit to the Coliseum or the Vatican. Even if, after such a meal, a crazy thought pierces his head: “But in our country, they cook no worse” ...

Instead of a foreword

It is believed that Italians have their own special secret to making pizza, which they carefully hide. There is something in it, and in some pizzerias, it is likely that you really will find something unusual. By and large, pizza production in Italy It has long been put on such a conveyor, which Henry Ford himself would envy.

Nevertheless, the conveyor is a conveyor, and pizza still has its own characteristics. As the Italians themselves say, a full meal should consist of cereals, fruits, vegetables, as well as foods rich in protein. Pizza has cereals (flour), vegetables (fresh tomatoes) and mozzarella (rich in protein). So pizza will not hurt people watching their figure! Especially if you don’t lean too much on her.

Pizza production in Italy has long been put on the conveyor

Of the interesting nuances associated with pizza, it should be noted the devices with which it should be eaten "correctly" - these include a knife and a fork. But there is no consensus on whether to eat a crust or leave it. So it is at the discretion of your taste and degree of hunger.

Now in Italy there are a great many varieties of pizza, but the most classic are Margarita, Margarita Extra and Marinara.

Pizza Ingredients in Italy

Italian pizza is popular all over the world. At least in the part in the language of which we run this site. Therefore, I do not think that being in the local pizzeria, you will find the "discovery of America." However, the variety of choices for the main local product is worth paying some attention to its ingredients.

The simplest pizza or, as it is also called, classic, in Italy is called “Margherita” (Margarita). Only tomatoes and mozzarella are added to it. Therefore, if your budget is poor, and you want to try pizza, then order Margarita - you will not lose. If everything is in order with the budget, then you can "stuff" pizza than you like.

You can “stuff” pizza with anything your “soul wants”

And even the absence of English or Russian names does not bother you. BlogoItaliano carefully collected all the main ingredients, as they are written in the very Italian menu.

  • Acciughe - anchovy type fish
  • Aglio - Garlic
  • Cipolla - onion
  • Funghi - mushrooms
  • Carciofi - Artichokes
  • Prosciutto - ham
  • · Bresaola - a type of specially prepared meat
  • Rucola - greens
  • Origano - greens
  • · Pancetta - smoked ham
  • · Wuster - sausage
  • Uovo - an egg
  • · Strachino - dairy product
  • · Formaggi - Cheeses
  • Salsiccia - sausages
  • Tonno - Tuna
  • Frutti di mare - seafood
  • Melanzane - eggplant

Pizza prices in Italy

The price of pizza in Italy depends on the “touristiness” of the place, the format of the establishment, the size and the ingredients used. So, the average pizza, which is made in a pizzeria, depending on the products used, will cost from 4.5 to 8 euros. In the south, as a rule, a little cheaper, and in the north - more expensive.

When you visit a restaurant, even if you don’t order anything at all besides pizza, from 1 to 2 euros will be added to your bill per serving (using a tablecloth). This, of course, is pure robbery, but as they say, "When you are in Rome, do as the Romans."

Italian pizza should be eaten with a knife and fork

In addition to restaurants and pizzerias, you can buy a slice of pizza in many street cafes: the prices are much lower, but the quality sometimes leaves much to be desired.

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