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Honeymoon in Italy: 7 ideas where to go. Part II

Returning to the topic of ideas for planning a Honeymoon in Italy, today BlogoItaliano will offer another 4. And, if you have not read the first part of our material, we will only recall that we do not set as our goal to make a rating of these places. Each of them is unique in its own way, and what you like one may be completely unacceptable to others. Therefore, we will offer ideas based on the “chips” of one direction or another, and which of them to take as a basis for planning your own trip - we will let you decide.

Italian lakes

How would it sound if we said that the most romantic moments from the last parts of the Star Wars saga were shot exactly on Italian lakes - including a kiss on the balcony and a wedding scene. Would that be enough to seriously make you think about the benefits of a honeymoon on the lakes?

In fact, the lake region in northern Italy has become a popular destination for the Honeymoon long before the Star Wars film crew drew attention to it. And it’s easy to see why.

There are several lakes in Northern Italy, each of which could be an excellent base for a honeymoon, depending on the degree of privacy you want to achieve. The most famous of them is Lake Como, which houses the famous villa of George Clooney, surrounded by the same rich and luxurious villas of the neighbors. But if you do not dream of a Hollywood neighborhood, then you can still pay attention to Lake Maggiore. The good news is that the lakes are not very far apart. Thus, you can either visit many places on the shores of one lake or several on each of them within one trip. The main thing is to calculate the time ahead and pick up transport.

Lake Maggiore is half an hour from Milan Airport


If you simplify everything to a minimum, then the Cinque Terre for a budget traveler is the same as Amalfi for people accustomed to luxury. Both places are united by the atmosphere of coastal towns with colorful houses running to the sea. The fame of the budget direction of the Cinque Terre somewhat overshadowed other beautiful Ligurian coast cities, a series of which, by the way, was called the Italian Riviera.

From many towns along the Ligurian coast you can get an experience very comparable to the Amalfi coast. The only difference is that most of these towns are much less known to foreigners, and therefore this affects the number of visitors. Another purely technical difference - after all, it is not the Mediterranean Sea, but the Ligurian Sea, but the difference, if this is not a matter of principle, you are unlikely to feel.

Finally, Portofino is also located here - a town whose fame in terms of famous visitors will not yield to Amalfi. If you are going to these parts for the purpose of the Honeymoon, it makes sense to put on your map and coastal towns such as Santa Margherita Ligure, Portovenere and Rapallo. They are also worth a visit.

Portofino is considered the pearl of the Italian Riviera


In addition to Sicily, another large Italian island on our list is more distant from the mainland and less populated. This honeymoon destination can be chosen by newlyweds who feel a craving for adventure, are ready to rent a car and, at the same time, want to have magnificent sandy beaches nearby after an eventful day.

The beaches are the trump card of Sardinia, and one of them was even named in 2009 as the most promising destination by the popular tourist resource TripAdvisor. The beaches of Sardinia (especially in the Costa Smeralda region) are a magnet that attracts a huge number of Italians in August. Sometimes there are so many of them that because of the beach strewn with bodies, the sand itself is not visible. And although this is a joke, as you know, every joke has a fraction of a joke. So, if you do not want your newly-married spouse to become the object of increased attention of Italians, then it is better to look for a resort a little aloof.

In addition to the beaches, Sardinia also gained fame as a very sporting region. This is an excellent destination for those who like climbing, yachting, mountain biking, kayaking and other outdoor activities.

Sardinia - one of the most beach destinations in Italy


If there is a place in Italy that should not come as a surprise in our listing of the best destinations for the honeymoon, then this, of course, is Venice. A city whose romance is difficult to convey in words and in order not to turn the story into “ooh” and “ah,” we will dwell on it very briefly.

Venice is definitely worth a visit. But it is equally important and to choose the right moment when to go to Venice. Otherwise, your impressions, if they are not spoiled, can turn out to be pretty tarnished. Moreover, in the truest sense of the word.

Another nuance when planning honeymoon in Venice, do not lock in on the city. Even if you have bottomless pockets, and the limit on a credit card is the envy of colleagues, Venice is a cocktail that should be drunk in small sips, without turning it into everyday life. Therefore, we would recommend including it as part of the trip, but combine it with something else. And how to spend a romantic time in Venice, we are sure you yourself know. The glory of the city has long gone beyond its geographical boundaries.

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