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To Rome with a child: what to show children in Rome

If you are an adult and are planning a trip to Rome, you don’t really have to worry about whether the trip will be interesting. Rome is so beautiful and amazing that impressions are guaranteed to you, even if you are far from deep knowledge in history, architecture and art. Another thing is a trip to Rome with a child. Little travelers still need to provide appropriate entertainment so that they are not bored. And just with this in the Eternal City there certainly are no problems!

We have prepared for you a selection of places where your kids can have fun and usefully, and for which they will certainly be grateful to you with all the sincerity that only children are capable of. Even more such places and other important sights of Rome are in the mobile guide BlogoItaliano for iPhone, which works even without the Internet.

Time elevator

It is more than an attraction. Time Elevator - a real "time machine" on which your children (and you yourself at the same time) will be able to go on a virtual journey into the past of Rome.

Time Elevator will take you to the most ancient times when the Eternal City was just in its infancy. In stunning visual images, your kids will be told and shown all the brightest periods of the formation, development and fall of the Roman Empire with all the achievements, victories and defeats. You can also personally witness the change of epochs from antiquity, through the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

To maximize immersion in a virtual journey, the creators of Time Elevator used all the technical achievements available today - a lot of bright special effects, stereoscopic images, and surround sound. Multi-sensory special effects even allow you to physically interact with legendary historical characters.

The whole history of Rome is told of your choice in six languages: Italian, German, English, French, Spanish and Russian.

The educational and entertainment complex Time Elevator is located at Via dei SS Apostoli, 20. When planning what to show children in Rome, do not forget about this place amid many other entertainments, which will be discussed later.

Children's Museum Explora

This non-profit museum is a whole gaming town, created for educational purposes. It is located at Via Flaminia 82, not far from Villa Borghese Park.

At the Explora Museum, children will be able to have plenty of fun, experiment with various techniques, while getting to know the laws of physics, the basics of economics, sociology and other sciences.

At the Explora Museum, young guests can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of physics and not only

Programs in Explora are organized in sessions of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Various artifacts in the museum (devices, mechanisms) can and should be touched. In view of such "liberties", visits to the museum by children are allowed only accompanied by adults.

Villa Borghese

Almost next to the Explora Museum, you can continue your fascinating journey through the "children's" Rome. Piazzale Borghese Scipione 5 is the entrance to Villa Borghese Park. Here, everything has both to enjoy the serene silence in the middle of emerald greenery, and to exciting active activities for children.

Villa Borghese is not just a museum, it is also a magnificent shady park

The park has many attractions, you can rent a bicycle, roller skates and even a boat. The boat will allow you to ride on a picturesque pond surrounded by snow-white swans.

Here you can visit the Puppet Theater San Carlino, a miniature cinema for the smallest - Cinema Dei Piccoli (which is considered the smallest in the world by itself), ride a children's train.

Arriving in Rome with a child, in this second largest green area of ​​Rome, you just need to just walk to get a lot of impressions. Impeccably groomed landscape, many fountains and the general atmosphere of joy, fun and prosperity will not leave anyone indifferent.


Where without a zoo - a little is so fascinating and enthralls children from small to large, like watching funny animals. The Roman Zoo is located right on the territory of Villa Borghese Park, so you don’t have to go anywhere far, or even less so.

In the Roman zoo you can see over 1000 animals

The zoo itself has a fairly respectable age and an interesting history. Now in it live and live more than a thousand animals of two hundred species. Of course, animals are carefully taken care of, they live well, and they look great. Here, by the way, you can see many very ancient and rare trees.

The exact address of the zoo is P-le del Giardino Zoologico 1. Babies below a meter tall are allowed free of charge.

Amusement park

Another point of a must visit if you come to Rome with a child is the local moon park. The first amusement park opened in this place more than half a century ago, and now you can literally "get lost" in numerous entertainments. Its scale itself is quite comparable with such large and famous amusement parks as Disney, Universal, Legoland.

In the Luna Park of Rome for children there is entertainment for every taste

Basically, of course, the local attractions work as suppliers of abundant thrills, because what could be better to satisfy the irrepressible children's energy. In addition to the "classics" - the Ferris wheel, the "cave of fear", a roller coaster - here you will find about 130 more various attractions. Some of them are very "adrenaline", so it is better to ask in advance what age categories of visitors they are designed for.

The Roman amusement park at Via delle Tre Fontane 100 is located.

Baby luna park

In addition to the main, "large" amusement park, in Rome there is a smaller amusement park - Baby Luna Park. It is located at Via di Grotta Perfetta, 555, and in it you too can easily give children some hours of unforgettable impressions. A lot of attractions, a mini-train, a fun atmosphere - absolutely everything here will allow the whole family to have fun and have fun.

RAINBOW Magic Land

Entertainment in the Roman amusement park (one and the other) will be enough for you and your whole family “with your head”, even if the family is very large. But if for some reason you didn’t get to the amusement park during the trip, all is not lost.

Just 30 km from Rome, on the way to Naples, you can drop by the new amusement park - RAINBOW Magic Land in Valmonton. This complex is also very large-scale - its area is 600 thousand square meters. meters. Here, both large and small guests are guaranteed a full range of impressions for every taste.

Amusement Park Cinecittà World

Cinecittà World, or as it is called in the Russian style - the World of Cinechitta - the first film park in Italy. It is located in the environs of Rome at Via Castel Romano, 200. Here, young and old guests will be invited to plunge into the fascinating world of cinema, because the park itself was opened on the territory of the former film studio with a three-time Academy Award winner.

Cinechitta World - Italy's first movie park

Entertainment in the park is enough for the whole day. You can easily plunge into the fascinating world of cowboys and westerns, take part in military battles, fly into space and even into other galaxies. Particularly curious people will be able to look behind the scenes of filming and take part in the amazing process of the birth of the film.

The park is so interesting that Blogoitaliano devoted a separate article to it.

Papa Carlo's Shop

Rome for children can also be interesting as the homeland of world famous fairy-tale characters. You, and probably your children, too, know well that the prototype of “our” Pinocchio was another wooden boy - Pinocchio, and he is Italian. Not far from the Pantheon at Via dei Pastini 96, there is a children's wooden toy store, of course, called the “Papa Carlo Shop”. Here you can pamper the kids with a toy "new thing", and take a picture of the whole family with Pinocchio himself.

For shopping, you can safely go to the shop of Papa Carlo

Al Sogno Store

Most likely, in the Papa Carlo shop, the kids will only get angry and demand a "continuation of the banquet." At Al Sogno's store at 53 Piazza Navona, you can satisfy their appetites. Yes, and you yourself, most likely, it will be very interesting to look at unusual handmade toys. Many well-known fairy-tale characters are waiting for their little owners here.

Water parks

Being interested in the question "What to show children in Rome?", Do not ignore water parks. In Rome and its environs a whole galaxy of such entertainments is comfortably located. Aquapiper, Aquafun, Aquafelix, Hydromania - all entertainment complexes with the prefixes "Aqua" or "Hydro" speak for themselves. And also there is the famous Zoomarine - with water attractions, a jacuzzi, a therapeutic shower and fascinating show programs with the participation of outlandish marine animals.

Blogoitaliano already wrote in more detail about water parks in Rome in a separate article.

Lovers of splashing await in numerous water parks in Rome

Il Fantastico Mondo del Fantastico

In conclusion, we will tell you about something very unusual that it is definitely worth showing to children in Rome. In the suburbs of Rome at Via della Tenuta del Cavaliere, 230 is an amazing place, which the creators called the "Fantastic Fantasy World". Despite the easy tautology, the name fully reflects the essence of things.

Immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales in the Fantastico Mondo Park

This is an amazing children's amusement park, where literally everything - from the landscape to the smallest details of the costumes of the local "inhabitants" - reflects the plots and surroundings of well-known children's fairy tales and famous stories in fantasy style. Arriving here, you will find your whole family in a whole separate fairy-tale world. There is even a real fairytale castle - Castello di Lunghezza, and all the costumed performances take place against the backdrop of its majestic ancient walls.

Here it is, the "childish" Rome - rich, vibrant, diverse and fabulously amazing. The Italians themselves are literally "obsessed" with children, so it is only natural that they did everything possible and impossible for young tourists.

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