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How to get from Rimini to Florence: train, bus and car rental

Of the most interesting cities in Italy, the capital of Tuscany is located closest to Rimini. It is not surprising that many of our "travelers" vacationing at the famous beach resort are wondering how best to get from Rimini to Florence in order to see firsthand one of the most beautiful and rich sights of European cities. That is why BlogoItaliano decided to devote a separate article to all ways of traveling from Rimini to Florence and back.

Distance from Rimini to Florence in a straight line - about 170 kilometers. But this is precisely the case when the direct path is not the shortest in time. Most travelers prefer to take a detour through Bologna: although the distance increases by almost 80 km, the road takes less time due to more developed infrastructure. But this is all a saying - now let's move on to the details.

Rimini, Piazza Tre Martiri

From Rimini to Florence by plane

With a direct flight from Rome to Florence, disappointment awaits you: it is not there, and if a route is entered, it is extremely rare. Actually, he is not needed here. Other transport options are much more convenient both in terms of price and time. In any case, the latest flight information can always be checked on the Aviasales website.

Just keep in mind that you will need to add time to travel to the airport and vice versa, as well as a clearance for the necessary pre-flight procedures, to the price and time of the flight itself.

Rimini Train Florence

If there is tension with planes from Rimini to Florence, it is precisely because trains reign supreme in this niche. Moreover, both in Rimini and Florence, the stations are located in the city center and it will not be difficult to get to them. In Florence itself, by the way, the Santa Maria Novella station is within walking distance of the main attractions, so you can do without public transport in general.

Santa Maria Novella Station is in the heart of Florence

There is no direct Rimini Florence train, but there are two options with transfers - in Bologna or Faenza. The only difference between them is that the train through Faenza is cheaper, and they both cover the distance in almost the same time (the road will take a little more than two hours).

As for the schedule and estimated prices, they are as follows:

Rimini-Florence train via Bologna:

Schedule of the Rimini-Bologna train: from 3:48 a.m. to 20:17 p.m. (2018). Many trains leave from Bologna Station to Florence, so you can leave all day. Approximate price of one-way tickets - from 23 Euro - depending on the amenities for the entire route.

Rimini-Florence train via Faenza:

Schedule of the Rimini-Faenza train: from 3:48 a.m. to 19:47 p.m. Many trains run through Faenza to Florence, so you can leave all day. Approximate price of one-way tickets: from 14 Euros (depending on amenities for the entire route).

Where to buy tickets?

Tickets can be bought directly at the box office at the station or in advance on the site former GoEuro.

Buying online is usually cheaper. As we wrote above, on Italian railways, tariffs change depending on the time of ticket purchase: the sooner the cheaper. Prices reach a peak on the day of departure, and therefore, if it is possible to purchase seats in advance, it is a sin not to use it.

Train tickets can be bought directly at the box office

To purchase online, you will need a bank card and Email address, where the ticket will come in the form of a PDF file within a few minutes after purchase. It remains only to print it out and take it with you to the station.

Important: If you bought a ticket without the departure time and place on the train indicated on it, then before boarding it must be composted in a special composter, which are located right before the exit to the platform. Composters at Italian stations are yellow and green.

Rimini Florence by bus

You can get from Rimini to Florence by bus. The most famous carrier on the route is Flixbus. The journey takes 3 hours, and the price of tickets starts at 12 Euro (2019).

In low season, flights from Rimini to Florence operate only a few flights a week. There may be more buses in the summer months. The current schedule and ticket prices can be clarified on the carrier’s website.

From Rimini to Florence by car

Another “working” way to get from Rimini to Florence is to rent a car, especially since car rental in Italy is relatively inexpensive.

This option is perfect for companies planning to actively get acquainted with the sights not only in the vicinity of Rimini, but also in other cities. When renting for a long period, the cost of each individual day will decrease, and on long trips you can even save (even taking into account the cost of fuel and the use of autobahns). But the main advantage of the car is, of course, freedom of movement and the opportunity to see more.

Freedom of movement and the opportunity to see more are the main advantages of a car

For route planning - both in terms of price and time - it makes sense to use the popular Viamichelin website. In online mode, he considers several alternative routes and issues recommended options taking into account the cost of gasoline, the cost of autobahns, road repairs, etc.

For example, our best option for a trip from Rimini to Florence was as follows: travel time - 3 hours 30 minutes; the cost excluding car rental is 23.08 Euros (including 3.30 Euros for the use of freeways and 19.78 Euros for gasoline).

As for car rental directly, for the most economical search it is worth using the Rentalcars car rental price comparison system. The service online monitors the availability of cars and price changes in thousands of car rentals around the world, and in a few clicks finds the most profitable options. It remains only to book. By the way, at the peak of the season in Rimini, it’s better not to yawn - cars at good prices do not stall for a long time.

In Florence

If with options How to get from Rimini to Florence we figured out, now is the time to think more carefully about the program of your stay in Italy. And here our free course for travelers and a useful video about what to see in the city first of all will help you.

If you are going to Florence even for 1 day, be prepared for the fact that excursions to the cradle of the Renaissance will be expensive. An average guided tour of the city center for 2-3 hours will cost 120-180 Euros.

In order not to overpay for the services of live guides and see even more, set yourself an audio guide in the center of Florence for the iPhone. This is a ready-made audio tour for your smartphone with a convenient map and the ability to track your route via GPS.

The audio guide does not consume mobile traffic in roaming, and the tour itself consists of 56 points in the historic city center. Moreover, 5 of them are available for free even in the trial version immediately after installing the application.

The full version will cost only a few dollars, which is many times more economical even of the most budget excursions. You can install a free trial on your iPhone on this page.

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Photos by: Emma, ​​zioWoody, Peter Van den Bossche, Chris Sampson, skandik2012, Alexander Simonov.

Watch the video: Road to Florence, Italy (February 2020).


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