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A new trend is spreading from Rome to Milan: hotels in the morning at a low price, but with an exceptional level of service. Useful addresses to remember.

Stewardesses suffering from changing time zones, workers on business trips, athletes on vacation and - why not? - couples in love seeking to enjoy noon in complete solitude. It turned out to be wonderful to relax in the morning, and not in a second-rate motel by the road, but in luxury hotels located throughout Italy.

The idea was proposed by DayBreakHotels, the first portal providing the opportunity to book a hotel room for a day at a reduced price. Moreover, without any restrictions on the services offered: if the hotel has an elite SPA center, an elegant restaurant or a sports court - all this will already be included in the price. The project is aimed at travelers who do not want to wait for their flight at the airport, as well as for everyone who feels the need to relax and eat outside the busy city centers. Now it is possible to order rooms with the highest level of service in the best hotels in Italy for half the price, provided that you stay there during the day (from 10.00 to 18.00).

Luxury and comfort are available at a low price. thanks to four young Italian entrepreneurs. Moreover, in accordance with modern realities, you can use the service not only through the Internet portal, but also using special applications for iOS and Android (which will allow you to instantly find the closest hotel offering rooms for a day).

DayBreakHotels expand the boundaries of the hotel services market, and to begin with, open the doors of hotels to permanent residents of Italian cities. A “day stay” allows you to visit the most interesting places in Italy, without worrying about the need to spend the whole day on the street.


If you are in Lucca, but want to go to the Valle del Serchio Valley - directly in Barga - to visit the house of Caso Cardosi-Carrara, once owned by Giovanni Pascoli ( Giovanni Pascoli), now you can stay at the Renaissance Toscany il Ciocco Resort & Spa for only 118 euros instead of the usual 155-180 euros, with a daily reservation at the booking.

Along with a sauna, exciting souls, a hot pool, a gym and a meditation area, the Renaissance Toscany il Ciocco wellness center is proud of its Daniela Steiner spa complex, which uses procedures only using natural ingredients to the sound of relaxing music, and the services are provided as in the spa itself -center and guest rooms.

Located in a green area of ​​200 hectares among the hills of the Valle del Serchio, the 180-room hotel with two restaurants with gourmet local cuisine is the perfect place to combine swimming and massage with trips to beautiful cities nearby: Pisa, Florence, Prato and Viareggio.


You can enjoy the historical center of the Eternal City by staying for a day at Hotel Barberini (Via Rasella 3, 00187) for only 69 euros, instead of the usual 170-200 euros when booking at Booking.

The hotel is housed in an elegant 19th-century building across from the Barberini Palace, which houses the Museum of Ancient Art. A thorough restoration made it possible to combine in a 4-star hotel the classic design of rooms with modern technologies of amenities and security: 35 rooms are fully soundproofed and equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of guests.

The rich variety of services offered is complemented, including for day guests, by an excellent SPA center. The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the Spanish Steps.

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Landed in the morning in Cagliari and should fly in the evening? If you want to visit the National Archaeological Museum or the Cripta di Santa Restituita, booking T Hotel for 84 euros can be a way out, instead of the standard 113 euros. (Via dei Giudicati, 09131). The offer for the day is wide and varied and perfect both for active pastime and for a relaxing holiday.

The hotel with modern design is located in a "strategic" place, from where you can easily get to any point in Cagliari: on Giovanni XXIII Square (piazza Giovanni XXIII), opposite the recently built Music Park and Lyric Theater, a stone's throw from the main streets with shops. And besides, from here you can easily get to the airport or seaport of the capital of Sardinia. The daily offer at T Hotel includes all the services offered by the hotel: free wi-fi, T-bar with excellent aperitifs, delicious bistro with conservatory, gourmet T-restaurant, elegant business center and T-SPA rehabilitation complex.


Do you often come to Milan for work? Thanks to the Best Western Villa Appiani offer (Via Sala 17, 20056 Trezzo sull'Adda), you can finally, for only 55 euros, instead of the standard minimum 79 euros, take a quiet walk through the capital of Lombardy.

Best Western Villa Appiani is located between Bergamo and Milan and seems to have found that middle ground between a luxury hotel and a country estate where you can spend several hours in pleasant relaxation and without unnecessary stress. In the delightful natural landscape surrounding the hotel, the Adda River dominates, the building itself was built in the 17th century. An ideal solution for those who have an innocent desire to escape for one day from everyday hustle and bustle. At the same time, the hotel is easily accessible from the airports of Miano Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio.

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