Rhys Richie: “I would like to make a film in Italy”

British actor Reece Ritchie, starring in the Desert Dancer movie, which opened the Ischia's Global Film and Music Festival www.ischiaglobal last night. com, said that he would really like to make a film in Italy and that he had already begun to learn the local language.

Rhys Richie went to the Ischia festival with his film colleagues, Indian star Freida Pinto, and Welsh actor Tom Cullen. “I have been to Italy several times, and I am completely in love with the country,” he said, adding that Ischia “is a very charming island, to which the state pays little attention.” According to the famous tourist, Ischia in this regard significantly contrasts with the neighboring Capri.

“Landscapes, locals - everything is simply amazing. We do not have to choose a location for the shooting, but I would like to work one day in Italy. Learning Italian is the first in my to-do list, I even downloaded the application for the phone for these purposes. ”Pinto could not disagree with Richie, supporting his idea of ​​participating in the filming of a film in Italy. “Of course, I would also like to work here.”

Richie plays the role of Adshin Ghaffarian in the film "Desert Dancer", which tells about the events in Tehran, namely about the protests against the Iranian regime during the 2009-2010 elections there. The true story of a young Iranian guy who is fond of dancing despite the prohibitions of the government found its reflection in the picture. Later, the hero Richie manages to leave for Paris, where he is granted political asylum.

Rice, who, in addition to the aforementioned film, starred in the well-known Lovely Bones, admits that his role in Desert Dancer was not easy for him: a bad game would hopelessly ruin Gaffarian's reputation. “I want to take part in films as a storyteller. I also need to feel the atmosphere in which my hero found himself. ”

This low-budget picture was the first work of British film director Richard Reymond, who was overwhelmed by the story of Gaffarian. The premiere of the film is scheduled for next year. “I am very glad that I managed to make this film, so if it becomes successful, I will be just happy,” the director said. Frida Pinto in a press conference with Italian reporters on the island of Ischia said that she liked to star in a project that shows stories that people are afraid to discuss.

The Ischia Film and Music Festival has been held for 12 years in a row. For the first time, world cinema stars came here in 2003. Today, the Ischia festival is one of the most famous in Europe. This year the festival takes place from July 13 to 20, so tourists who have glanced into Italy can visit a wonderful island and plunge headlong into the world of cinema along with world-famous stars.

Watch the video: Richie Rich 37 Movie CLIP - Business School 1994 HD (February 2020).


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